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.For Post University alumni Aliek Riley, it's all about taking a leap of faith. Or several.

The 2003 graduate earned two degrees from Post, in Computer Science and Business Management. He's worked at several jobs in different fields, started two businesses, and has now created a non-profit organization aimed at helping young adults become men as they become fathers. And he's got some advice to share with those who might be struggling to find their place in the world.

"First, don't be afraid to take some chances."

Aliek has followed his own advice throughout his career, so these are not empty words. His first internship opportunity while at Post was in the tech field, and he quickly found he wasn't ready to work in the cubicle-world. He took a new direction with his second internship, at WTNH TV in New Haven, and ended up staying a year and building connections that would last to this day. That led to an opportunity with WZMX Radio, where he worked for three years.

"Taking chances is part of game," Aliek says, "but it's also about who you know."

Aliek was able to maintain business relationships with colleagues from his early career, which paid off as he took another change and leapt into the world of mortgages and lending. Using advice he received from some of his mentors, Aliek took a small salary in his new position and started picking up the phone. Soon, he was one of his company’s top five producers for the year,and his new-found success led him to start his own rental property business. More success followed, as he began lending money through his investment properties.

The next lesson, that life can throw you unexpected curves, was a bit harder to learn. Aliek's partner in his real-estate business was killed in a motorcycle accident. The period of mourning and grief Aliek experienced was accompanied by some harsh business realities. Aliek knew enough to protect his assets and survived the blow, but found himself starting over again.

And he learned another lesson. "I learned not to worry that I'd wasted time." Jumping back to what, and who, he knew best, Aliek re-connected with some of his old colleagues, and landed a job as a Branding Consultant. His clients include authors, singers, and actors. Professionally, he's mastered the art of survival and adaptation. Fatherhood then took him to another new place.

When Aliek became a dad, he turned to his comrades for advice on this new journey. "Being a new father I'm learning on the move," he says. To help himself, and others, Aliek created a non-profit organization to help young adults grow as men in fatherhood, helping them focus on three principles: love, values and protection. The organization, "We Became Men," saw success early, and their work was chronicled in a documentary called "Fathers," which Aliek had the opportunity to promote on the air back on WTNH, the station where he served as an intern years ago. (To watch the short film, click HERE.)

At times, like so many others, Aliek found himself struggling to find his place in life after college. Now the father of a son, Elias Ray-Anthem Riley, Aliek is in a prime position to offer his child, and others, some excellent advice on facing life on your own terms.

"Set goals you’ll never reach. And then reach them," he says. "And always remember that sometimes the student becomes the teacher."


In October 2013, Post University launched its Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program online. Alisa Hunt, who serves as Academic Program Manager for the MSA, has announced that the program is now going "hybrid," offering student the chance to study online exclusively or in a combination of online and classroom learning.

"Post is always looking to provide its students with options that work best for them," Alisa said. "Some students came into the program online knowing we'd be offering the on-ground option, and now they can find the fit that works best for them."

The hybrid option offers 75% of the work in a classroom setting two nights per week, while the remaining 25% is completed online. Students can choose to alternate, working online for one MOD and in the hybrid format for another. All courses include some online components.

Sometimes a bachelor's degree isn't enough to advance in the rapidly changing accounting profession. The MSA program at Post University offers those with an undergraduate degree in accounting opportunity to develop the graduate-level skills needed to advance and excel. Students will also earn the 30 credits required to meet the 150-credit hour educational requirement for CPA licensure in most states.

"Our program offers the technical knowledge needed in the accounting world," Alisa says, "but we offer unique courses, such as Organizational Creativity, Leading a Professional Organization, and Client Relationship Management, that teach the skills that help you succeed. We think this is the difference between someone who is just good at crunching numbers and someone who can ultimately be successful."


.In a deal that is expected to more than double the size of the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business' graduate degree program within two years, Post University is partnering with the School of International Business and Entrepreneurship (SIBE) at Steinbeis University Berlin, a privately-owned German institution. The new agreement between Post and SIBE, signed this past week, will allow SIBE students to graduate with a degree from Steinbeis and a degree from Post University, utilizing Post’s existing online MBA degree program content.

SIBE has been seeking a university experienced with online delivery of business programs, and with quality programming. Their search led them to Post University, and after initial conversations it became apparent that the entrepreneurial nature of both organizations, along with a mutual focus on quality, are an excellent match.

"It is a tremendous honor to be affiliated with the largest post-graduate university in Germany," said Chris Szpryngel, Acting Dean of the MBSOB. "As innovators in the field of higher education, both of our institutions have changed and continue to change the face of higher education worldwide. This is a very exciting partnership and we are looking forward to working closely with our new international colleagues."

Post should begin seeing enrollment of SIBE students sometime during MOD 6 or MOD 1 of next year. In the first 12 months, 300 new students are expected to begin their studies with Post.

According to Alisa Hunt, Ph.D., C.P.A., Academic Program Manager for the Master of Science in Accounting program through the MBSOB, the addition of a U.S. degree to the Steinbeis students' already established German degree is extremely attractive, from an international business standpoint.

"Our colleagues at SIBE are considering this the first of many collaborative projects between our institutions," said Alisa. "Post has begun the groundwork to launch a Doctor of Business Administration program, based on the number of German students already interested in pursuing this option online, and is exploring other collaborations with Steinbeis."


December 2014


April 9, 2015, has been set as the date for the Post University 125th Anniversary Gala & Hall of Fame Induction.

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