The enthusiasm Post graduate Selim G. Noujaim has for his alma mater is contagious, and listening to him share stories about his long-time association with the University is a bit like hearing someone reminisce about family memories around a dinner table. There's a warmth and fondness in his voice and a sparkle in his eye as he discusses his past accomplishments, present involvement, and future vision of the University that he calls, "important."

Selim immigrated to the United States from Lebanon in 1971, at the age of 22. When he arrived in the greater Waterbury area, where he has remained his entire life, he spoke French and Arabic but not English. He had a degree, but couldn't communicate.  He tried factory work, but it just wasn't for him. So he enrolled in the banking and finance program at Post Junior College. Selim remembers thinking the experience would be "a great opportunity to learn the language while learning business skills."  Now a Connecticut state representative for the city of Waterbury and a family-business owner, Representative Noujaim not only looks back fondly at his time at Post but also gives back to the community which gave him so much. 

From the start, Selim remembers the Post administration and faculty taking him under their wing. He got a job in the work-study program, earning $1.85 an hour as a janitor in the student center. He was soon moved to a new position running the ditto machine in the basement of the administration building, making copies for faculty and staff. "I loved that job," Selim recalls. "I had no money, and no English language skills, and Post gave me many opportunities to grow.  I still have many friendships from my time here as a student."

One of his most enduring friendships is with his first boss at Post, Frank Gomes.  "Frank was tough," Selim says. But the two became lifelong friends, and Frank taught Selim much about management. "He was a great manager, and when I eventually entered the world of politics Frank managed my campaigns."

Looking back, Selim says, "these are the kind of relationships that come from learning from good people, and people who have good credentials and good skills. Frank used to always say, 'I see potential in you.'" 

Selim graduated from Post with an associate degree, and went on to earn a bachelor's degree at Central State University and a master's at the University of New Haven. He came back to Post as an adjunct faculty member for 15 years, calling the experience, "an unbelievable opportunity to come back to where I grew up. I grew up here at Post." Selim now sits on the University’s Board of Trustees, and is a major advocate for the University as it approaches its 125th anniversary. 

Thinking ahead to the University's next 125 years, Selim has a vision. "I want the University to be a showcase for Waterbury, and for the world. If you think I’m a contributing member to our greater Waterbury society, it’s because Post gave me the ability to be who I am today. Period."


.As Post University begins a year-long countdown to its 125th Anniversary, and we want our celebration to include not only our current students, faculty, and staff, but also the many alumni throughout Post’s history that have helped to shape the school we are today.  So, we are reaching out to our alumni who attended Post University throughout its history— to ask for their stories, their memories, of Post through the decades.  We will spend the next year collecting these stories through print, and audio and video recordings that we will share as part of our 125th Anniversary celebration. If you would like to participate in our "Post Through the Years" project and share your memories of your time as a student at Post, please contact Bob Sembiante at bsembiante@post.edu.

To kick off this project, we decided to start with a search for our oldest living graduate. Within days of promoting the search through our blog and the media, we heard from several Post alumni in their nineties. In the weeks to come, we’ll be sharing their stories with you; all have special stories to share of their experiences at Post.

But we were particularly delighted to hear from Helena Distefano Summa, who will turn 101 this year and graduated from Post College in 1931. To read Helena's fascinating account of her time at Post and her wonderful insights on how the world has changed throughout her extraordinary life, check out the story on our blog, Future Post. Just click HERE.



Every ten years, all schools that are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) undergo a reaccreditation process. Post University's reaccreditation process is taking place this year.  As part of the process, Post University has completed a self-study, and will welcome a NEASC visiting team to our campus from April 6th through the 9th.  

We have already involved dozens of faculty, staff and students in the process, and some of our online and main campus students will be asked to meet with the visiting NEASC team.
A  link to the self-study is available via email. Please contact Communications Associate Bob Sembiante (bsembiante@post.edu) to receive a copy. Should you have any comments regarding the study that you would like to share, please do so by submitting an email to Patti Jennings, Office of the President at pjennings@post.edu

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