The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University was recently ranked among the top 10 schools in the nation for return on investment by the website Payscale.com


PayScale has ranked more than 1,000 U.S. colleges and universities to determine the potential financial return of attending each school. The rankings were sorted by region, school type, major, and type of school.

The complete Payscale.com list may be found HERE

With renewed vigor, the Post University administration is working to re-connect with its alumni. If you would like to be a part of our efforts, we'd love to see you join the Post University Alumni Advocacy Focus Group.

Having strong ties and working relationships with alumni is any university's goal.  Alumni provide valuable insight to aid in future academic planning, help current students explore job opportunities, and link the campus to the community in a tangible way.

The inaugural meeting of the newly formed Post University Alumni Advocacy Focus Group will take place on Saturday, September 28th, at 10 a.m. in the Cyber Café of the campus' Leever Student Center. Pastries and light refreshments will be served, and alumni are invited to stay on campus for the Post vs. Princeton sprint football game on LaMoy field at 1 p.m.  A  tailgating area will be available for fans!

If you'd like to attend a meeting, please R.S.V.P. to Lilian Gutierrez by September 27th (203.591.7323 / lgutierrez@post.edu).

Autumn is a time for new beginnings in the academic world, as evidenced by the return of students to our main campus and the start of online classes with Mod 1. It's also the perfect time for Post University to roll out its new television commercial, a bright and inviting spot encouraging prospective students to consider Post when exploring their higher education options.

Filmed on our Waterbury campus, our new advertisement features members of our faculty and staff asking some of the important questions to consider when pursuing a degree: "What's your plan for the future? What are your goals? What are you really passionate about?" And most important, "How can we help you succeed?"

There are two versions of the commercial, and you may preview both on YouTube. For the shorter television version, click HERE. For the longer web version, click HERE.  And feel free to share these links with friends and family!

Nadira Clarke is the kind of person you want around when there's a project to complete. Never one to tackle a single task at a time, Nadira worked in two different departments while she completed her undergraduate degree, and graduated from Post University with a B.S. in Management and a minor in human resources. She landed not one, but two jobs upon graduation, eventually settling in as a Grant and Contract Manager at Yale University. And when Nadira decided to pursue her MBA through the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business (MBSOB) at Post University, she used the opportunity to also help develop a plan for her husband’s new business project. "It would be too easy to do one thing at a time," Nadira says with a smile.

As Nadira began work on her MBA program, her husband (an aerospace engineer), was developing a business idea involving aircraft engines. Nadira's multi-tasking mind saw an opportunity. She focused her course work on her husband's start-up business, and was able to complete projects based on an actual, developing business plan while figuring out what her husband needed to get the business started. She calls the opportunity, "a fantastic experience."

Nadira completed her capstone project in August of 2013, and speaks highly of the Post program and of the decision to continue one's education past the undergraduate level. "Telling people you're pursuing your MBA starts to open doors for you. It's eye-opening to your peers and supervisors at work, and they start asking questions…what’s your concentration, what are you learning? The leadership and management skills which came early in the program were all so helpful immediately."

During the MBA program, an opportunity arose for Nadira to showcase her new skills, and it paid off. Her department had been tasked with implementing a "trusted advisor" program, but no one in her group had heard of the term or had expertise in the subject, so the leadership team put out a call to all employees. Nadira responded, having studied trust and leadership in the MBSOB's "Virtual Teams" course taught by associate faculty member Susan Parente. In three weeks Nadira wrote a plan for the department and presented it to senior staff. "Now I'm leading a team of six people to implement my plan, and I've developed a program which no one here has done before…it's been awesome to use many of the skills I learned in the MBA program."

Nadira plans to walk in our May 2014 commencement ceremony, and hopes to soon begin a Doctorate program in either education or business administration. We promise to keep you posted on her progress...if we can keep up with her impressive pace!

. Scene: The Western Caribbean. Date: Mid-summer. The camera pans the ocean floor, finding a group of scuba divers holding a Post University banner beside a coral reef. Oxygen bubbles and the muted sounds of celebration float to the surface, where a boat waits to take the divers back to shore. Wondering how this scene came to be? I asked Beth Johnson, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, that same question after viewing the photo shared here. So, how did Post students end up diving among the coral reefs in the Caribbean, working to re-grow a devastated coral reef?

Dr. Johnson is well aware that 30% of the world's coral reefs are damaged, and up to 70% of reefs will be lost by 2050. Coral reefs may cover only 0.2% of the ocean, but they are home to 25% of the world's marine fish species. The only ecosystem with greater biodiversity is the rainforest. Add to that Dr. Johnson’s desire to find new ways to entice students to study science, and a plan is born. With the guidance of Dr. Johnson and our new Assistant Academic Program Manager for Environmental Science, Dr. Maura Bozeman, Post University now offers an Environmental Sciences concentration in Ocean Conservation. The department has partnered with CREW 3000, a local non-profit organization with a coral farm off the coast of Mexico currently under their care and restoration. Working together, Post students study the coral reefs, undergo basic scuba training here in Connecticut, and then travel with volunteers from CREW 3000 to complete their open water scuba training while also replanting and maintaining the reef. Two trips were made this past year, with another planned for Columbus Day weekend this fall.

CREW 3000's energetic co-founder Bill Zarillo is thrilled with the Post partnership, and is quick to stress the importance of the work being accomplished. "We have a 90% success rate in transferring new staghorn coral onto our reef, and we’re making our small but important contribution to this world-wide dilemma. The Post University students are becoming Citizen Scientists, and hopefully encouraging more citizens of the world to do the same."

Drs. Johnson and Bozeman will both travel to the coral farm this Fall, expanding on the 23 students, volunteers, faculty, and staff who made the trip this summer. A trip to Belize is in the works for the Spring, keeping our Citizen Scientists' eco-friendly agenda full for months to come.

.The scholar-practitioners at Post University are always looking for new ways to expand and explore the boundaries of digital learning. This past year, Peter Chepya, Esq., Academic Program Manager for Post’s Legal Studies program, led a team of digital learning subject matter experts to create a new online presence for the University. The result is the website Digital Life and Learning (www.digilifelearn.com), the online academic journal of Post University. DL&L is also available on your smartphone, with a free app available for download.

As designed by Chepya and his team, DL&L's mission is to play an active role in the exploration of digital life and learning by offering a forum for new knowledge and visioning in an expansive selection of articles, reports, essays, book reviews, and digital art. "We are committed to the best scholarly standards and a multidisciplinary perspective in a rich media format which is aligned with our focus," says Chepya. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Comment on all aspects of life on the screen; designing, teaching, and learning with mobile Apps; eLearning; and, understanding digitization in relation to life and learning. Visitors to the inaugural site will be greeted by a kinetic header of rotating lead articles. More articles follow below, along with a book review, digital art, a video showcasing 10 future technologies, and the DL&L Tech Newswire featuring an up-to-the-minute feed of relevant tech story links.

Submissions are welcome, and must be original in nature. To read DL'ss full submission guidelines, click HERE, or contact a member of the Editorial Board. They are: Peter Chepya, Founding Editor; Don McPartland, Publication Designer; Founding Editorial Board members Don Mroz, Jane Bailey, Katey Baruth, Tracy Ralston, Mike Statmore, Kelly Statmore, Mary Rigali, Jen Bouchard; and Associate Editors Jane Bailey, Katey Baruth, Jill Buban, Tracy Ralston, and Katie Zurlow.


The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business is proud to announce inaugural course offerings in two new Master's degree programs.  

The Healthcare MBA is an innovative and contemporary program for leadership in this dynamic area of healthcare reform. The Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program provides the advanced knowledge and skills required for employment and advancement in the field of accounting. 

Both programs begin in October.

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Post University's faculty and staff are committed to serving the communities where Post students live and work.  A number of our Post family members were recently appointed to positions of service, and we congratulate those listed below for representing Post so well in the public eye.
» Jill Buban, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Education, has been appointed as a Council Member with Waterbury's Bridge to Success organization.  This partnership of more than 200 community members works together to prepare Waterbury'’s youth for success, from cradle to career.
» Steve Paulone, DBA, Director of Graduate Programs for the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, has been appointed to the Commission on Connecticut's Future.  The Commission's goal is to plan a report concerning the economic renewal of Connecticut, and Commission members serve a two year term.
» Chief Kevin Hale, associate faculty member of Post's Criminal Justice program and Chief of the Ansonia Police Department, was recently sworn in as President of the New England Association of Chiefs of Police.

» Post University periodically measures student satisfaction using standardized surveys, not only to evaluate Post’s performance, but to compare how well we’re doing in comparison to other similar institutions.  In two recent Adult Student Priorities and Satisfaction surveys, Post University exceeds the national average for adult learner and online adult learner student satisfaction. Click HERE to see all the survey results and methodologies.
» Post University has been ranked as the 7th best online bachelor's programs for veterans by U.S. News and World Report. The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business' MBA program ranks 15th in the nation.   

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