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Television, Computers, and the Post Network 

All residence hall rooms are equipped with cable TV and computer internet access. Students must provide their own equipment (computer, television) to access the Post University information network. If assistance is needed with one of these items, the ICT Helpdesk is available between the hours of 7am-7pm by calling 203.591.7145. A voicemail system will pick up after hours. Students are asked to leave clear and accurate messages with needs and requests, a daytime phone number, and their residence hall room number so that every attempt can be made to address reported issues in a 24-hour time frame. Questions can also be submitted to the Help Desk at

Cable Television Use

The Post University residence halls are equipped with standard cable access. We have contracted with the local cable company to provide BASIC Cable. Premier channels are neither included in the package, nor available for an additional cost. Students must provide their own television set with coaxial connectors and a coaxial cable to access this service.

Telephone Use

Post University provides phones in the hallways of all of our residence halls. These phones are available for local calls and any emergencies.

Policy Statement Regarding Anti Virus Software

Because of the inherent dangers associated with the introduction of viruses into computer systems, Post University requires that all students have their computers scanned by the ICT department prior to connecting their PC to the university network. Students who are authorized to attach their personal computers to the University network must ensure that their computer has virus protection to the same level as University-owned equipment. This means that students must have current antivirus software installed and running on their computers, and that information about new viruses and new virus definition files are downloaded on a daily or weekly basis. Expired software or out-of-date definition files is equal to having no antivirus protection.

Currently, it is each student's responsibility to purchase, install, and update his/her own antivirus software. If upon scanning, the ICT department determines that antivirus software is missing or out- of-date, Post reserves the right to deny service to the Network until the issue is resolved. Once the ICT department determines that the proper virus protection exists on the computer and that the computer is virus free they will issue a verification notice and the student will be connected to the network.

The University reserves the right to enter a student's room if it is believed that the computer within the room is infected and disabling the University network, running software that has the potential to disable the network, or is exhibiting malicious behavior such that the campus network is compromised. Every effort will be made to contact the student prior to doing so. The University also reserves the right to take a single or series of computers off-line to ensure the protection of the University system.

Campus Printing

Campus printing is handled via print management software called Papercut. This system allows us to regulate printing by associating a value to each page printed. Every account is given $50 per year and the cost is $0.10 per page to print. If an account is depleted of funds, the user can contact IT about recharging the account at cost to the student.

Printing credentials are to be kept private and secure. Do not share your account information. Do not allow other users to print using your credentials.