Chemistry Minor

Add an Element of Science

A strong foundation in chemistry is essential to understanding the physical composition of both the living and nonliving matter that surrounds us. If you’re pursuing a science or health care degree from Post University, a chemistry minor is a great option to gain additional skills and knowledge that are relevant to your studies and chosen career field.

Program Highlights
Through lectures and hands-on labs at our Connecticut campus, the chemistry minor is designed to expose you to the molecular basis of the universe in which we live. For a total of 16 credit hours, your chemistry courses include:

  • General Chemistry I and General Chemistry I Lab
  • General Chemistry II and General Chemistry II Lab
  • Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • Organic Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry II Lab

Each chemistry class and lab is small in size but extensive in hands-on learning. This, combined with one-on-one guidance from our experienced faculty and staff, better prepares you to enter the workforce with the practical skills you need.

At Post University, we take a personal interest in your success. That’s why we offer a variety of concentrations to customize your degree to your goals and dedicated academic advising to help move you from enrollment to career placement.

Contact Post University if you’re interested in enhancing your skills and specializing your degree with a chemistry minor. Contact an academic advisor today, and they will reach out to you and answer any additional questions you have.  

Chemistry Minor Total Credits
16 crs.    
CHM115 General Chemistry I AND CHM115L General Chemistry I Lab
4 crs.    
CHM116 General Chemistry II AND CHM116L General Chemistry II Lab
4 crs.    
CHM205 Organic Chemistry I AND CHM205L Organic Chemistry I Lab
4 crs.    
CHM206 Organic Chemistry II AND CHM206L Organic Chemistry II Lab
4 crs.    


The university reserves the right to change or update the curriculum at any time. The university will notify students of any changes officially through the university website. 


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