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School of Continuing Education

Customized Corporate Training
for Strategic Success

Your Partner for Customized Corporate Training

As the School of Continuing Education for Post University, our customized corporate training solutions are designed to help you achieve success at every level—organizationally and individually. Your company may realize gains in productivity, efficiency, customer service, and more.

Your employees develop new skill-sets and better understand the value you place on them through innovative and effective training sessions. When your employees are skilled and well-trained, the opportunities for company growth may increase exponentially.

Build Organizational Success through Employee Development

As the School of Continuing Education for one of Connecticut’s largest institutions of higher learning*, we have the academic resources of a 131-year-old University at our disposal. We have the knowledge, insights, and faculty needed to train your employees in professional skills:

  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Building teams
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • And more…

*Source: Hartford Business Journal. Based on Fall 2020 enrollment.

Our corporate training solutions can help you with:

Candidates are more likely to choose you over the competition with the promise of skill-building training

Star employees are also more likely to stay with your organization

Skilled workers are may be better able to adapt to changes that affect your business and keep your company at the top

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Dawn C. Sherman, Ed. D.
Dean, School of Continuing Education

Amanda Nardozzi, Ph.D.
Director, Police Recertification Program
[email protected]

Holly Leone
Program and Enrollment Coordinator
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