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Professional Development

Growing Your Career One Skill at a Time

What is Professional Development and what does it mean for you?

Depending on your industry or your company, it could mean anything from working on transferable skills like effective listening or emotional intelligence … or it could mean brushing up on durable skills like technology for CompTIA certifications.

The truth is professional development encompasses a number of different skills that employers value—skills you need to advance in your career and pursue your life goals. Post University’s School of Continuing Education provides continuing education online to help you be “Workforce Ready” today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.

Pursue Your Career Advantage at Your Pace

At the School of Continuing Education, we offer professional development courses online and on your terms. Each course is specifically designed to help you develop and hone your professional skills. Every continuing education experience is backed by the academic expertise and resources of Post University.

Developed by industry professionals in an interactive app-like platform.

Complete online, anytime, anywhere – available for desktop, tablet & mobile 

Helping you prepare for a different job or get ahead in your current career

Try the Complimentary Cultural Diversity and Awareness Course Today!

The School of Continuing Education is offering this as a complimentary first course. Cultural Diversity and Awareness is a self-paced training course that outlines the value and benefits of cultural awareness and diversity by examining key concepts such as mental models, prejudice, discrimination, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication. 

Although catered toward learners in Post’s Police Recertification program, any learner can utilize this course to educate themselves on cultural diversity and awareness.

Get started today!

Through the School of Continuing Education, Post gives learners the self-paced online continuing education courses they need to achieve personal and professional goals. This is a career-advancing educational experience for every learner no matter where they are in their lives or careers.

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Returning Learners

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