Mathematics Minor

Give Your Degree a Competitive Angle

“When am I ever going to use math?” As you’ve progressed through school, you’ve realized mathematical skills are essential to everyday life and every career. A mathematics minor from Post University on your transcript indicates to employers you can think logically, formulate sound arguments and support those arguments with evidence. Students majoring in finance, business, computer information systems and similar degrees would especially benefit from this program. 

Program Highlights
You will learn the skills to identify the essential elements of a problem, solve problems and formulate alternative approaches when the initial approach to a problem does not result in a solution. For a total of 15 credit hours, your mathematics minor classes include:

  • Calculus I or MAT course numbered 220 or higher
  • Calculus II or MAT course numbered 220 or higher
  • Plus any THREE additional courses numbered MAT220 or higher.

Upon completion of your coursework, you will be able to utilize abstract tools learned in a variety of contexts to solve a multiplicity of problems.

At Post University, we provide you with job-oriented knowledge and skills to better prepare you for the real world. Our professional faculty have years of experience in their fields, and they bring valuable insights into the classroom that you can apply to your studies and future career. Whether you choose our online math courses or Connecticut-based program, you will receive the training and personal support you need to succeed.

Not all math programs are created equal. Pledge to advance your degree and career with a mathematics minor from Post University. This minor would be a great addition and specialization for our accounting, finance or management undergraduate degree programs. Contact us today to request more information.

Mathematics Minor Total Credits
15 crs.   
MAT171 Calculus I OR MAT course numbered 220 or higher
3 crs.   
MAT172 Calculus II OR MAT course numbered 220 or higher
3 crs.   
Plus any THREE additional courses numbered MAT220 or higher
9 crs.   

The university reserves the right to change or update the curriculum at any time. The university will notify students of any changes officially through the university website.

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