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Student Leader – Peer Educator

Post University is currently accepting applications for the role of:
Student Leader – Peer Educator

Only Full-Time Main Campus Post University students need apply.


Student Leaders have a pivotal role on the Post University campus. They serve as an invaluable resource to their peers, faculty and staff. Student Leaders engage others in campus involvement, foster a greater sense of community, serve as role models, educators, and mentors. Candidates should exemplify responsible decision making skills, ability to work well with diverse groups of people, a positive attitude, and enthusiasm for working with other students.

Peer Educator:

Peer Educators (PE) are student peers who play an integral role in the establishment of an academic environment in the residence halls. In addition to providing programming in the residence halls, PE’s are available to residents as an academic resource, assisting them in obtaining information, and providing resources about majors and academic programs at the University. The PE’s also guide residents through any issues they may have academically, providing them with a wealth of information on study skills or people that can help them.

Interested candidates should complete an online application.

"Post University a great place for great minds to develop their careers, no matter what role you fulfill."

Donna, Post Employee for 25 years

"You really build a strong relationship with each student, and their success becomes your success."

Caitlin, Academic Success Counselor

"The work environment at Post is extremely positive and happy, and you have the opportunity to connect with your employees."

Gina, Post Management