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The vast majority of today’s college students own smartphones or tablets — and the vast majority find them highly distracting. When the right apps are used, however, they can keep students organized and on task. They fulfill a myriad of functions, including everything from meal planning to budgeting. They can help students navigate an unfamiliar and often overwhelming college environment.

Not sure which apps to download? The following are a few of the best apps for college students — download them today and give them a try.


College student to-do lists tend to be diverse and constantly in flux. makes the most of these lists, allowing students to constantly update them as they go about their day. The app has an appealingly simple design. Regular reminders ensure that tasks are completed on time.

2. 7 Minute Workout

In the midst of exams, papers, and part-time jobs, few students have any semblance of spare time to devote to lengthy workouts. Thankfully, it’s possible to work several major muscle groups in just a few minutes each day. The 7 Minute Workout app helps students exercise in short spurts between classes and study sessions. The app offers thorough instructions for each exercise, plus a convenient calendar for tracking purposes. And since music motivates like nothing else, the app allows users to control music apps, ensuring an enjoyable but short playlist for each workout.

3. FaceTime

Keeping in touch with friends and family members back home can be a real struggle. Phone calls help, but sometimes, a voice alone just isn’t enough. Social apps such as FaceTime solve this problem by letting users look at one another virtually as they chat.

4. Quizlet

Forget notebook cards; these days, it’s all about flashcard study apps, which are far easier to create and use. In addition to creating their own flashcards, students can also take advantage of flashcards developed by other users. Audio pronunciations help those studying foreign languages. The app also has several games, designed to make studying less of a chore.

5. SelfControl

Putting down the phone can be a real struggle in the days leading up to a big test or due date. SelfControl doesn’t force students to give up their phones, but it does make them use devices for the right reasons — studying and staying organized. The app blacklists certain functions and websites, ensuring that students use educational apps and not Snapchat or Facebook.

6. Uber or Lyft

Bringing a car to campus has never been less necessary. In addition to public transit, today’s students can take advantage of ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft. These ensure that, no matter where they’re stranded, students can quickly and safely find their way home.

7. VenMo

Whether splitting the cost of a late-night pizza or fare for the latest Uber ride, VenMo allows college students to avoid scrambling for cash. The app’s social networking function makes it more fun to pay friends back.

8. Evernote

A lifesaver for numerous college students, Evernote is the ultimate tool for anyone prone to clutter. Its vast range of tools are almost impossible to describe; the app offers note storage, camera capturing, receipt organization, word processing, and much, much more. It syncs automatically across several devices, making it a top choice among students who own smartphones, tablets and laptops.

9. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Back in the day, students had to lug around huge dictionaries in order to decipher their literature assignments. Now, however, both the Oxford and the Merriam-Webster Dictionaries are optimized for mobile use. The Merriam-Webster app is particularly useful, as it features games designed to make vocabulary building fun. There’s no need to spell out long words when searching for them; simply say them out loud and let the app’s voice search function do the hard work. The app also offers a search history tool, which is useful for impossible-to-remember words encountered repeatedly. Between this and reading apps, it’s possible to complete entire literature study sessions without ever turning a page.

10. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The days of the traditional scientific calculator may be behind us, thanks to apps such as RealCalc. Equipped with all of the functions of a standard handheld calculator, this useful app also offers a history function that makes it easier to return to past calculations. The paid version amps up users’ mathematical prowess with landscape mode and fraction calculators, along with several additional indispensable features.

Smartphone apps can make life as a modern college student so much easier. Whether you use apps for note taking, money management, or procrastination prevention, you’ll soon wonder how you ever survived without them.