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Marketing majors emerge from college with an in-depth understanding of market research, segmentation, consumer behavior, and more. This knowledge allows graduates to excel in a wide array of fields. The following are some of the most rewarding and potentially profitable opportunities related to marketing:

1. Market Research Analyst

With a job growth outlook of 19 percent between 2014 and 2024, the market research field is expanding quickly. Analysts study specific markets to determine what customers want and how enterprises can satisfy those demands. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports annual median wages of $62,560 for market research analysts.

2. Marketing Manager

An in-demand position with plenty of room for advancement, marketing management allows graduates to put their unique skill set to good use. Managers plan marketing campaigns and lead market research initiatives in hopes of better understanding targeted demographics. The position boasts a median annual income of $127,560.

3. Product Manager

Similar in many respects to marketing managers, product managers focus their efforts on one or two products or services, rather than an entire organization. PayScale reports average annual earnings of $86,000. As with marketing management, the position holds potential for strong future growth.

4. Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists play an increasingly important role in today’s constantly connected world. They develop and execute a clear social media strategy across numerous platforms in hopes of increasing brand awareness and customer engagement. Pay varies significantly based on experience and geographic region, but PayScale estimates average annual wages of $41,000.

5. Public Relations Specialist

PR specialists write press releases, respond to media requests, and evaluate public opinion, all in the interest of facilitating a favorable public impression of the company for which they work. According to the BLS, they earn a median $58,020 per year.

6. Human Resources Specialist

Responsible for recruiting and hiring employees, HR specialists often rely on an in-depth understanding of marketing as they advertise open positions. Data from the BLS suggests average growth in HR, with specialists earning a median $59,180 per year.

7. Event Marketing and Planning

Despite the prominence of social media and other means of digital marketing, face-to-face interaction remains critical. Event marketing professionals plan and promote events in the interest of enhancing the represented company’s brand. Event planners and marketers earn a median annual $47,350 per year. There were 100,000 United States event planners in 2014, with an additional 9,900 jobs expected by 2024.

8. User Experience Designer

Included in CNN Money’s list of Best Jobs in America for 2017, user experience design is a quickly growing field with plenty of lucrative positions. Median annual pay is $85,900. Marketing graduates are well-suited to this field, which allows them to develop and promote intuitive, easy-to-navigate products.

9. User Experience Manager

Similar to user experience design but with greater earning potential, UX management involves coordinating designers, researchers, and other professionals in the interest of promoting a more useable product or website.

10. Media Buyer

Multi-faceted advertising campaigns continue to feature ample airtime. Media buyers are responsible for arranging for this airtime with the ultimate goal of reaching the most people at the lowest price point possible. PayScale reports average growth and annual salaries ranging from $33,728 to $66,243.

11. Brand Strategist

Brand strategists use information obtained through detailed market research to determine the best marketing approach for a given company or campaign. The challenging, but rewarding position draws on graphic design, web development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more. PayScale reports average annual wages of $61,044, with most people moving on to other opportunities within ten years of joining the field.