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I’m so excited to welcome you to Post University and our new blog! Here you’ll find a melting pot of news, perspectives, ideas, and advice from the many wonderful instructors and students who make up the Post University family.

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There are a lot more posts where this came from!

From student success stories, to faculty interviews, to sports coverage, to first-hand accounts from our military students stationed overseas, to our leaders’ unabashed takes on what’s happening in education, we’re going to cover it all! Career advice, outtakes from our theater productions, expert opinions on industry research, you name it, we’ve got it!

But that’s just the beginning! As an institution of higher education, Post University plays a role in a variety of sectors. So our blog will also feature exclusive interviews and insights from the movers and shakers in areas including education, business, and politics. We aim to bring you names and personalities from the mainstream, as well as those who might be off your radar.

Our goal is to tell the stories that matter most to our readers in the Post University and broader education communities. And that brings me to the next important point I want to make. We welcome and encourage contributions from our readers.

We publish nearly all manner of digital content — text, photos, podcasts, videocasts, presentations, etc., etc. If you want to share something that you think would be of interest to our readers, just contact us with your idea and/or whatever it is you’d like to share. Our blogging team reviews all submissions.

I’ll wrap up by saying that Post is such an important part of my life — I’m not only the school’s Director of Communications, I’ll also earn my master’s degree in education from Post in May. Woo hoo! I hope our blog shares the passion that all of us here at Post have for our school, for our students, and for higher education.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

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