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The Post University Master of Education program is filled with students of all ages who come from all different walks of the education sector. From my perspective as dean, that’s what makes it such an exciting program to lead.

A wonderful example of that is one of our students who recently walked across the Post University stage at age 58 to collect her second online master’s degree from our university. As MaryAnn Gardner said at the beginning of her second degree, “I know many people my age are thinking about retirement. I thought about, no, I’m just starting! So I’m going to really launch into this. I love the field that I’m in and I wanted to continue my education as a lifelong learner.”

MaryAnn got her online master’s degree in human services a couple of years ago, followed by her online master’s degree in education this May. She’s planning to use what most would consider the last years of their career to make even greater strides as an intervention specialist.

MaryAnn might sound like an outlier, but she’s part of a growing number of adult learners who believe education never stops, no matter how old you are. In fact, the vast majority of Post University’s Accelerated Degree Program students are older than the typical college age of 22, which is certainly true of our Master of Education program.

When MaryAnn was in the midst of taking Post University’s online Master of Education courses, she was anxious to tell others about her experience. You might want to listen to why MaryAnn was happy about her decision to continue her online education.

Upon her recent graduation, FOX 61 interviewed MaryAnn about completing her degree. Here’s what she had to say about going back to school at age 58, how she balanced work with education, and the impact her new degree’s on having on her life.

It was wonderful having MaryAnn in our M.Ed. program as she transmitted a joy of lifelong learning to both students and faculty. I am grateful to MaryAnn for sharing her story and for sharing her love of learning. That’s what our Post University School of Education is all about.