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Many high school students try to think like a college admissions officer when beginning the admissions process. What are the admissions officers looking for in my essay? What will make me stand out from the crowd?

If you’re trying to get inside the heads of college admissions officers, you’ve come to the right place. Amanda Greene recently wrote an article for Woman’s Day, sharing advice for teens from college admissions officers around the country. I was one of the admissions officers she talked to for her article, and she included several of my insights.

All told, her article has 10 great tips covering many of the most challenging aspects of the college application process. Slide over to get advice from my fellow admissions officers and me on:

  • How to pick a college
  • How much SAT scores really matter to admissions officers
  • What you should write in your application essay
  • Whether applying early decision is the right choice
  • How to make the most of your campus visits
  • Why it’s important to interview with an admissions officer
  • The truth about most college wait lists
  • Why asking for financial aid is not a weakness
  • One of the biggest mistakes high school students make on their college applications
  • How to make a lasting impression on admissions officers

After giving the Woman’s Day article a read, feel free to post any questions you have here. I’m happy to answer them.