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Science, technology, engineering, and math, also known as STEM, is a fundamental part of the American education system. However, it’s just one component. Fostering creativity and innovation is another crucial piece. And in our opinion, it’s what we need to emphasize to help America stay competitive in the future.

That’s also the perspective of Fast Company writer Anya Kamenetz. She recently wrote an article about why education without creativity isn’t enough to help America stay competitive in the global marketplace.

She reports on how education that focuses on creativity and innovation creates the graduates that employers are looking for. “Workers at every level benefit from an education that emphasizes creative thinking, communication, and teamwork — the very kind of excellence already offered at top American colleges,” Anya writes.

She shares many more interesting insights that are worth a read. I think her article has exciting implications for education at all levels, and I explained why in the comment I left. What are your thoughts on this issue? How can we balance STEM education and the fostering of creativity and innovation? Where should the emphasis be? More important than my thinking … what is your thinking?

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