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Last week we posted a testimonial from Mike Simaitis, Continuous Improvement Leader at BD. He had briefly written about how, after building his career and raising a family, he was able to accomplish a goal he always had his eyes set on: going back to school and completing his MBA. Mike has just finished his Capstone Project, the last course in our online MBA program, and will be graduating in May.

Post University MBA student Mike Simaitis

Post University MBA student Mike Simaitis

But we wanted to hear more. Why is education important to Mike? Why couldn’t he go back to school sooner? How has his life changed now that he’s completed his MBA? Did the program live up to his expectations? Was it worth it?

We asked Mike if he’d be interested in talking about his story in a podcast with us. He was happy to join us. Hit play below to listen to our conversation, where we learned about Mike’s aha! moment to go back to school (it involves a radio and billboard), how he chose Post University (and why it was for the third time), what his experience was like, and how it’s impacted his life today.

Thanks for talking with us Mike!