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Like many adult learners, Mike Simaitis had to put his educational goals on hold when work, family, and the rest of life’s responsibilities filled his time. But over the years, Mike never lost sight of his aspiration to complete his MBA degree. Today, Mike has just finished his last course in Post University’s Online MBA Degree program.

He posted a brief story on our online discussion board the other week about how he ended up where he is today, and why he wanted to go back to school. I asked him if we could share his story on our blog, and he welcomed the opportunity. Here’s what he wrote, verbatim:

Like many of us I am most proud that we are about to finish the program and earn our MBA. As we have progressed through the program I took every opportunity to apply what we were studying in the workplace, and I’m proud to say I think we are a better organization today than two years ago because of Post University.

I originally started working on my MBA a couple years after completing my undergrad degree but work, family, and life’s curve balls got in the way and I stopped halfway through. This was something that I have wanted to do for many years. I must say it was one of my kids earning his master’s degree in physical therapy and the Post University radio advertisements and billboards alongside the highway as I was driving through Waterbury that renewed my interest in going back to school. Once I called the school and talked to one of the admissions counselors she would not let me drop the idea and got me to register quickly. I am very grateful for her commitment to Post and her ability to recruit new students.

I can’t say that I am sorry about anything or have any regrets other than waiting this long to go back to school. If I could change one thing I may have taken the entrepreneur concentration instead of corp. innovation. I’m preparing to help my children with a new business venture in the near future and it would have been helpful to have taken some of those courses and completed some of the detail work on their business plan.

We also asked Mike if he’d be interested in talking more about his experience in a podcast on our blog. He said he’d be happy to join us. We’ll be interviewing him soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our podcast.