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Priscilla Santiago, Class of 2011

Priscilla Santiago, Class of 2011

There’s more than one reason why Priscilla Santiago of Bridgeport, Conn., never thought she’d go to college. For one thing, she dropped out of high school at 16, after a personal trauma. She began working as a forklift driver for a pharmaceutical company, a place where she thought she’d retire. Over the years, she became a grandmother, and then a great grandmother. There was no time for school.

Then the company shut down. Without a job or high school diploma, Priscilla needed to reinvent herself to stay on her feet. She was left with no other recourse but to go back to school. What happened next was a defining moment for Priscilla. She opened up about it all in our podcast interview with her, which you can listen to here.

We won’t give away all the details, but we will say Priscilla tells a must-listen-to story of adversity, perseverance, regret, hope, and most of all, inspiration. We invite you to listen in.

Thanks, Priscilla, for sharing your story.

Also, we will we post the transcript of our interview soon, so stay tuned.