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We recently received a letter from a student in Post University’s Early Childhood Education program, Whitney Burt. She wrote about why she decided to attend Post University. It was a quite a lengthy note, but the things she said crystallized why many of our students tell us they chose to attend our school. So rather than post Whitney’s note in its entirety, we pulled out the five reasons she said Post University was the right choice for her to give you the quick takeaways. Here’s what she said.

1. Faculty and staff are your biggest cheerleaders. They root for your success and support you in your educational and career goals. Post University’s instructors are sensitive and understanding, and take a personal interest in your life outside of being a student. After all, they too balance a full life outside of their work at Post. They’ve helped me believe I can be successful.

2. Post University faculty and staff are always available. I can talk to my advisor at literally the drop of a dime through email or phone calls. I’m able to get through to the financial aid department just as easily, and the staff there has been beyond helpful in showing me how I can pay for school and budget my student loans. (They also didn’t expect me to pay an astronomical amount for school upfront and out-of-pocket.) My professors are understanding and flexible, too, and are easily reachable through phone and email.

3. The course load structure lets you better focus on your classes. Full-time students at Post take two classes every eight weeks. This helps you better focus on your studies because you have less classes on your plate, while also having more time for life outside of being a student. With most on-campus programs at other schools, you take double the course load spread out over the double the time. So I have gained time and kept up with the same course load of a typical college semester.

4. You can complete your degree faster. The online program goes year-round. This lets you earn your degree faster than at most schools, which take winter and summer breaks. I also transferred in about 50 credits. So I’ll be graduating this March after being an online student for a total of a year and seven months.

5. Getting my degree online at Post University is convenient. The time and cost of school these days don’t fit into my personal schedule or budget. But Post University is able help people like me. They offer programs that reach people all over the world, including militia. And contrary to my past experience with online degree programs at other schools, there wasn’t an “every-man-for-himself” attitude.

Taken together, Post University has surpassed my expectations of what higher education can provide students. If I can help other students understand the genuinely supportive environment Post provides, then I feel like I’ve helped them find success the way Post has helped me find it.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Whitney! And to all our students, why did YOU choose Post University?