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NOT ELEMENTARY: College and university academic affairs offices are being challenged to better support campus and online students’ needs

There’s no doubt the needs of college and university students have changed with the introduction of online degree programs. Many online students are adult learners, for instance, who need higher education options with flexible scheduling. They demand an efficient and practical education, with classes that directly relate to real-world business situations. This in turn better serves employers, who seek employees with the right education, skill, experience, and talent mix to perform their jobs well.

As a result, university academic affairs offices nationwide are under increasing pressure to adapt their services to better support students’ needs, and by extension, the needs of the employers who hire them. Post University’s academic affairs office is no exception. As an educational institution that offers a traditional campus-based program and a substantial and growing online program, we’ve been tasked with developing new ways to better meet the needs of our diverse student population.

I recently wrote about four of our latest approaches in an article for Huffington Post. I wanted to point you to it to give you some ideas for how academic affairs can better meet and manage today’s changing student needs. Give it a read, and let us know what you think. Anything you’d add?

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