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The Post University faculty has been in the news lately reacting to and advising on a variety of topics and trends in education, business, and parenting. And with graduation 2012 celebrations in full bloom, some of our students have also grabbed the media’s attention for their educational accomplishments. We wanted to round up some of those spotlights for a look at how Post University is catching the media’s attention:

“Five Survival Tips For Parents With ‘Boomerang’ Kids.” Forbes contributor Sheryl Nance-Nash covered how parents can handle the “boomerang effect” — when their children return home after graduating college. Jane Bailey, Dean of Post University’s School of Education, weighed in on how parents must immediately establish boundaries with their children, such as helping cover household costs. Click over for more tips from family, financial, and educational experts.

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HOMEBOUND: A survival guide for parents with boomerang kids.

“Your college freshman’s first mistake.” Elizabeth Weiss McGolerick wrote an article for SheKnows on how parents can help their children avoid making some of the most common mistakes surrounding college acceptance and financial aid — because these mistakes will affect parents, too! She tapped Jay Murray, Director of Admissions at Post University, for some advice. Hop over to find out what all parents should know when their child is college-bound.

“Education Technology Transformation.” American School & University’s Mike Kennedy reported on how technological advancements are changing the way we teach and learn. He featured the thoughts of Frank Mulgrew, President of the Online Education Institute at Post University, who talked about how online education exemplifies the power of technology to increase students’ access to education and improve their interaction with their peers and instructors. Flip over for more insights.

“Viewpoint: Tips for managing efficiently under tight budgets.” It’s no secret budgets are increasingly being cut across many organizations in the public sector. Jim Nardozzi, Dean for Post College and Director of the Online Master of Public Administration degree program, contributed an article to American City & County on six ways department managers in the public sector can run their operations within strict financial constraints. Slide over for his advice.

“Online education gains momentum.” Employers are starting to place increased value on degrees earned online, reported John A. Lahtinen in the Hartford Business Journal. John tapped Frank Mulgrew and Don Mroz, Provost and Dean of Post University’s School of Business, for their thoughts on the factors driving this. Hop over for their analysis.

“Tech Spotlight: Tablets, Laptops, Desktops.” University Business’s David Geer reported how computing devices are broadening across campuses. He covered ways colleges and universities are managing these devices — including tablets, laptops, and desktops — so that they play well with institutional information systems. Turn to his article for an update, as well as feedback from Frank Mulgrew on how students are using these devices at Post University.

“Speech and Language Development in Infants.” Many parents think speech and language problems in infants are one in the same. But Everyday Family’s Kathy Murdock reported on how these are in fact two separate issues. She turned to Jane Bailey for some clarification. Click over for Jane’s recommendations on what parents should do to help their children if they think they’re struggling in either of these areas.

“Making Time to Take Time Off.” Many professionals are planning their summer vacations, and as a result, have a lot to coordinate and tie up before they go away. EHS Today’s Laura Walter turned to Doug Brown, Academic Program Manager for Post University’s Online MBA Program, for some advice. Mosey over to Laura’s article to read six of his tips for making good use of your time at work before taking a vacation.

“Bronxville veteran gets diploma at 69 via online courses.” The editors of The Journal News featured the story of Post University’s oldest graduate from the Class of 2012, Carl Raymond Oelkers. Turn to the article to find out why the 69-year-old decided to earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration online, and what he plans to do now that he has his degree.

“Markets vs. Consumers: Who Holds the Power?” Marcelo Parravicini, Post University’s Chief Marketing Officer, contributed an article to Hispanic Outlook on how marketers can continue to build and control their brand in an environment that’s increasingly driven by consumer-generated content. You can read his perspectives in the March issue.

We hope these articles are useful and informative to you. Feel free to share them around, and comment on any of them here.

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