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Every educational institution strives to enhance student achievementincrease student retention, and boost graduation rates. While there are many ways to improve these elements individually, one factor that impacts all of them is the quality of academic support that institutions provide their students.

Vi To, Director of Sales and Tutoring Solutions for Smarthinking, talked about this topic in depth at Post University’s Online Learning Conference 2012During his presentation, Vi discussed the industry’s move to personalize students’ academic experiences, and how a key to achieving this goal is to provide the support and services students need, when they need it.

This, Vi said, is a challenge ideally addressed by taking academic support services online. Online academic support services can provide the anytime-anywhere access, immediate assistance, and robust tutoring support students need to excel.

Vi has a great deal of experience creating academic services programs and building student support teams from the years he spent with several educational institutions. He’s brought his experience to bear at Smarthinking, which is a part of Pearson and provides research-based online tutoring technologies and services. 

Watch Vi’s presentation, where he gives great insight into how to chose online academic support technologies, how to plan their implementation, and how to roll out online academic support across your institution.

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