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Summer is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean Post University faculty and staff members have taken a vacation from sharing their knowledge and advice. Our experts have provided their insights on topics from choosing the right preschool, to avoiding common pitfalls when implementing online learning. We wanted to round up some of those latest news stories to share some of their ideas and suggestions:

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FIRST START: How to pick the right preschool for your child

“Online education catering to business.” Frank Mulgrew, President of the Online Education Institute of Post University, was interviewed for a piece on the growth and importance of online learning, which ran in the Hartford Business Journal. For more of Frank’s thoughts on the future of education, flip over to our blog and read a post about who’s driving today’s higher ed evolution.

“6 Tips for Finding the Right Preschool.” Our own Jane Bailey, Dean of Post University’s School of Education, contributed an article to allParenting with tips on how to choose a preschool that will foster your child’s creativity. Jump over to the article to read her insights. For more tips, flip back to our blog post on how to find a preschool that nurtures a child’s creativity.

“Tips for Choosing a Preschool.” Kara Sundlund of Eye Witness 3’s Better Connecticut also sat down with Jane Bailey to discuss the ins and outs of choosing the right preschool. Watch their interview to hear why not all preschools are alike, and much more.

“Want Independent Kids? Teaching Self-Reliance Takes Patience, Time and Diligence.” Moving along with more parenting advice, Mali Anderson of Metroparent magazine tapped Jane Bailey for her tips on how to raise an independent child. Scoot over to Mali’s article to see Jane’s thoughts on the impact parent role models can have on raising self-reliant kids.

“5 Tips for Hiring a College A/V Specialist.” In today’s technology-oriented higher education environment, there is a constant need for highly skilled A/V directors, reports Bridget McCrea of Campus Technology. She turned to Frank Mulgrew for his thoughts on what qualities create a successful A/V director. Jump over to the article to read Frank’s insights on how to hire the most effective A/V specialist for higher education.

“Remote Success: Mistakes to Avoid in the Distance Learning Game.” Danielle Przyborowiski wrote an article for College Planning and Management on the most common errors educational institutions make when they adopt distance education. She tapped Frank Mulgrew for some advice. Flip to page 64 to read about the four most common mistakes Frank sees in online education and his suggestions for correcting them.

We hope you enjoyed the articles in our media roundup. Feel free to share your thoughts or add any other tips in the comments section.

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