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The first week of September is known as the back-to-school and back-to-work week. That brings with it a host of to-do’s, depending on who you ask.

Many parents, for instance, are helping their children gear up for the new academic year. Professionals, on the other hand, are coming off their summer vacations and returning to work or picking up with certain career goals, such as finding a new job. And many educators are beginning to implement new strategies and initiatives they’ve planned for the year.

Screenshot of parental guidance article

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: How parents can help their child succeed in school

These have been the biggest topics our team has been talking about lately with the media, and we wanted to share some of our freshest tips that journalists and bloggers have been featuring in their publications. Here’s a roundup of advice-oriented articles for parents, professionals, and educators alike for the back-to-school and back-to-work season.

Back-to-School Tips for Parents

  • “Class Rules for Parents.” Denise Schipani reported for Better Homes and Gardens on how parents of K-12 students can be involved in their child’s academic success. She featured advice from Jane Bailey, Dean of Post University’s School of Education, on how to determine if you should request a new teacher for your child, and how to make the ask. The article is packed with useful advice for any K-12 parent. You can read it by grabbing this month’s issue of Better Home and Gardens and flipping to page 197.
  • “Time for bed? Depends who you ask.” Writer Richard Asa wrote an article for Chicago Tribune with tips for parents on getting your children to bed on time for the new school routine. He tapped Deb Watson, Academic Program Manager for Post University’s Early Childhood Education/Child Studies Program, for her insights on negotiating bedtimes for children of varying ages.

Back-to-Work Tips for Professionals

  •  “Pull the plug.” New York Post’s Brian Moore featured tips from Doug Brown, Academic Program Manager for Post University’s Online MBA Degree Program, on how to unwind while you’re on vacation, and equally important, how to catch up when you return to work. His tips are worth turning back to not only when going on summer vacations, but when taking time off year-round.
  • “6 steps to successful self-branding.” Chicago Tribune also tapped Doug Brown for his advice to job seekers on creating a personal brand. Take a look at his tips for how you can stand out from your competition in employers’ eyes.

Back-to-School Tips for Educators

  • “Affording the Classroom of the Future.” Writer Bridget McCrea sourced several educational experts for their perspectives on how the classroom is evolving in an article for T.H.E. Journal. One of her sources was Jane Bailey, who provided her forecast on virtual learning environments in K-12 classrooms, and how many K-12 schools are already offering online classes.

We hope these articles have useful insights for you, whether you’re a parent, professional, or educator. What are your thoughts on anything you’ve read here? Feel free to tell us in a comment.