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You could feel the excitement in the air today on Post University’s campus as we announced that we would name our Business School after former Secretary of Commerce under Ronald Reagan and well-known business leader, Malcolm Baldrige.

Ronald Reagan and Malcolm Baldrige, 1983

Ronald Reagan and Malcolm Baldrige, 1983

We’re honored that the Baldrige family granted permission to name our School of Business after one of the world’s most highly regarded and influential business trailblazers. The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University embodies the qualities of great business leadership — vision, passion, innovation, quality, character, and ethics.

These are the same traits that helped Malcolm Baldrige transform Waterbury-based Scovill, Inc. from a financially troubled brass mill into a highly diversified manufacturer of consumer, housing, and industrial goods. And, they are the same traits that made him one of our nation’s most influential secretaries of commerce

As part of the naming, we will be annually awarding two full-tuition scholarships in Malcolm Baldrige’s name to students wishing to earn a degree in business at our main campus in Waterbury. We have also established The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business Scholarship Fund through the Connecticut Community Foundation to support local students wishing to earn a degree in business from Post University.

Malcolm Baldrige

Malcolm Baldrige

During Baldrige’s 20-year tenure as chairman and CEO of Scovill, he also served as a Trustee of Post College from 1966 to 1970. Malcolm Baldrige is perhaps best known for his career-long leadership and commitment to managerial and business excellence, which led to the creation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act of 1987.

The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University is committed to inspiring students to become ethical, innovative, and focused business leaders. We know that business men and women can no longer thrive in their fields with practical knowledge alone. They also must be able to communicate, collaborate, create, and adapt.

That’s why we’ve created and continue to refine our business curriculum to prepare students to excel in modern business environments. We’re planning to write more about how our School of Business embodies the Baldrige legacy in an upcoming post.

We issued a press release today announcing the naming of Post University’s School of Business, which you can flip to for more details.

We’re also planning to host an event on Oct. 17 to celebrate the naming and pay tribute to Malcolm Baldrige and his impact on business. There are many more details to come with this news, so watch our blog for all the updates.