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Call us biased, but the faculty and staff here at Post University are sure that OUR students are the best around! Each and every one of our nearly 16,000 students holds a special place in our hearts.

They never cease to amaze us with their unwavering determination, profound wisdom, and even their humble adulation. They praise their advisors for their support. They applaud their coaches for their leadership. They take their hats off to their professors for helping them master that seemingly insurmountable math problem or writing technique.

We thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to even the scales and let our students know … the feelings are mutual! Whether you are a student on our Main Campus or taking classes through the Online Education Institute; undergraduate or graduate; newly enrolled or approaching graduation; here’s what our faculty and staff members have to say about why WE love our students!

1. They make a great team.

“I appreciate our students for working together as a community and always being there for each other to care and support.” — Erica Peryga, Dean of Students

“I love that students here can completely surprise you with their dynamic personalities. The student leaders really step outside of their comfort zones and make themselves available and supportive to their fellow students. They all bring something different to the table to form one comprehensive team.” — Garrison Schmitt, Residence Director

“I truly appreciate the strong sense of community that our students form together with our faculty and staff. I have seen so many instances where students support one another, and work together to create a creative, fun, and exciting place to live and learn. I also am continually moved by the feedback our students so willingly and frequently share with our faculty and staff about their educational journeys, and the pride they feel in achieving their goals. Our students are a constant source of inspiration for each and every person who works at Post. So, to all our students, I say thank you for all YOU do to make Post University such a wonderful place to grow and learn!” — Tom Samph, President and C.E.O.

2. They make our jobs fun.

“The energy and enthusiasm Post students bring to projects is contagious, and keeps me young! I love working alongside them, as their fresh viewpoints remind me of when I was a student … and all things were possible!” — Bob Sembiante, Communications Associate

“The graduate learners I work with are engaged, motivated, and excited about learning. Being able to be a part of their educational journey is not a ‘job’ for me, but a shared adventure. They make it worth every minute!” — Deborah Ash, Ph.D., Instructional Coach

3. Their triumphs are our triumphs.

“I love watching our students grow intellectually as they climb from course to course toward their graduation goal. And most of all, I love seeing our students cross the stage as they cross the finish line!” — Jane Bailey, Dean of the School of Education

“I feel a strong desire to help our students succeed in the classroom and after graduation. I delight when a student shares a success with me based on something learned or a skill acquired in one of my classes!” — Art Mollengarden, Academic Program Manager – Marketing

“I consider what I do to be a gift each and every day. Why? Because I get to personally know each of our students and their families. Being able to watch them grow, succeed, get their degree, no matter what obstacles may be in their way. Thank you for allowing me to work with and for you. You’re truly a blessing!” — Regina Faulds, Director of Financial Aid, Main Campus

4. They’re the best teachers.

“I have always appreciated our students for working hard to better themselves and in the process pushing me to be a better teacher. I appreciate their knowledge as well as their thirst for knowledge. The interaction I have with our students helps me to learn as I teach, and for that I am thankful.” — Stephen Paulone DBA, MBA, MS, Director of Graduate Business Programs

“I love that we have students who are passionate and engaged in online discussions. I love the way they bring in their own experiences, share their passions, demonstrate social responsibility and engage respectfully with each other, even when they disagree. It makes my job so much more fun when I get the honor of reading and sharing in such a high level of discourse.” — Alisa Hunt, Assistant Academic Program Manager – MBA program

5. They go the extra mile.

“The students, online and on campus, who request our services are going the extra mile. They are enthusiastic and strive for excellence. They are human, and make their own choices, but they are sincere about education being their most important goal. We love you!! You are always welcome!” — The Learning Center & Writing Center teams

“I especially appreciate the library’s student assistants because they take responsibility for their hours even though they are students first, and workers second. They are diligent, patient, punctual, and multi-task effectively at a busy front desk. They show professionalism that I know they will carry throughout their working years, and I am so proud of them.” — Tracy Ralston, Library Director

“As advisors, we get to see the hard work and dedication that our students put in on a daily basis. We talk to them about their busy lives and responsibilities, and often hear about their struggles and sacrifices they have made to earn their degrees. We’re truly amazed by the perseverance and dedication that our students have to balance full-time jobs, family life, and schoolwork. They do an incredible job of completing a balancing act every day. We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our students for their hard work!” — OEI Academic Advising team

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, we’re thankful for the opportunity to communicate our appreciation, and turn Valentine’s Day into “We Love Our Students Day” here on our blog!

Now it’s our turn to flip the question to you once more. We want to know, what’s your favorite part of being a student? Keep the conversation going below.