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If you’ve been living out your passion your entire professional life, you probably feel satisfied in what you do. But you never know when an opportunity might come along that lets you take your passion to a new level, and bring you even greater fulfillment.

Christy Girard, for instance, has long had a passion for law enforcement. The Greenwich Police Department Detective and mother of two has been working in the field since earning her undergraduate degree in 1994. Christy specializes in sexual assault investigations as a member of the special victims unit.

But Christy discovered a new side to her passion when her administration asked her to teach hundreds of her fellow officers about conducting sexual assault investigations. Christy realized how much she enjoys teaching — so much so, that she started thinking about what more she could do with teaching and law enforcement.

Christy decided that she wants to teach law enforcement to college students once she retires from the police department, which she can do in six years. In addition, she wanted to position herself to become chief of police one day. But Christy would need an MPA degree to reach her goals.

Fast forward to today. Christy is now enrolled in Post University’s Online MPA Degree Program, and getting closer to her two big career and personal goals. She believes she’ll have a lot more to contribute to her administration and town once she completes her degree. Christy wants to share all the knowledge she learned in her master’s program to help make a better police department and safer community in Greenwich.

But Christy has much more to share about

  • what led her to an MPA degree
  • how she’s balancing her education with her full-time job and family responsibilities
  • what she wants to tell other adult learners and working mothers who are considering going back to school

Listen to Christy tell her story first hand in the interview below. Or, scroll on to read the transcript.

Thanks for joining us on our blog, Christy!


Janelle: Hi, everyone. I am Janelle Kozyra, blogger for Post University, and I am here with Post University student, Christy Girard. Christy, it’s good to have you with us. Thanks for joining.

Christy: Thank you.

Janelle: Christy is an MPA student at Post. So, Christy, why don’t we start off if you could tell us a little bit about where you’re from, where you live now, and what you do professionally.