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Many Americans are unhappy at their jobs. Nod if you’re one of them! You might dislike the work, your boss, your coworkers, your clients, the environment — any number of factors. You might be thinking that you’d like to work for yourself and throw all the corporate politics and structure away. Before you quit the day job for the “freedom” of entrepreneurship, you should do your research, talk to people in business, and seriously consider opportunities to become an “intrapreneur” in your organization.

Being an intrapreneur can help you exercise your entrepreneurial spirit, increase job satisfaction, break into new leadership roles, and potentially earn more money without the inherent risks of entrepreneurship. Companies and organizations need this spirit and drive to foster new ideas, create new products, and spearhead innovations.

The next step from here is to start doing things at work that help take your organization to the next level in terms of innovativeness, creativity, and industry leadership. I wrote about five ways you can become an intrapreneur in a guest article for Wired. I’ll point you to the article to pick up from here. You’ll find ways to carve a stronger leadership position in your company; tap your creative side; and be able to work on bigger, more interesting projects. What would you add to the list?

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LEAD OR BE LED: Intrapreneurship can you become a star player
at work and boost your job satisfaction

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