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It never ceases to amaze me how adult learners want to help their peers and share their experiences in hopes that it will make a positive impact on another’s journey. This dynamic truly stirs up the great admiration I have for these working adults who are going back to school while balancing all of life’s responsibilities.

Ever since we released “The Adult Learner Survival Guide” earlier this year, we’ve seen thousands of adult learners nationwide download our e-book. It quickly became clear that a lot of adult learners are hungry for all the advice, motivation, and insider tips they can get to help them earn their degrees. Because let’s face it — going back to school is no small feat, and it takes commitment and perseverance to make it happen.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on expanding the e-book to give you even more support to help you reach your educational goals. Today marks the culmination of our efforts. We’ve released the second edition of “The Adult Learner Survival Guide: Wisdom, Inspiration, and Advice for Moms, Dads, Military Personal, and Other Working Adults” exclusively on Amazon.

You can get the “The Adult Learner Survival Guide” Second Edition now for your Kindle, iPad, or other device for $1.99. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts and give back to the communities where adult learners live and work.

“The Adult Learner Survival Guide” Second Edition includes several new features that build upon our first edition. New in the second edition are:

  • 10 more adult learner stories culled from Post’s Advice to Your Former Self Facebook Contest. This contest is where our e-book all began. We asked adult learners to tell the advice they would give themselves if they could start their college degree program all over again. We’ve complied 10 more of the best stories into our new e-book, bringing the total to 40 amazing stories of motivation, support, and encouragement that any adult learner can use to help them balance education with their responsibilities.
  • 10 original adult learner cartoons devised by internationally syndicated cartoonist Dave Blazek, whom you also might know as the creator behind our cartoon series, “Ex Post Facto.” The second edition includes six of Blazek’s most popular comics from our blog, plus four never-before-seen originals. If you’re a publisher, we welcome you to share any of the cartoons from the e-book or our blog anytime using the Creative Commons license included in the e-book and at the bottom of every cartoon on our blog.
  • Some of the latest data, trends, and charts about YOU — the growing population of adult learners in the U.S. This data paints an interesting picture of who makes up America’s college students today, and how adult learners are an increasingly important part of our country’s college student population.

But enough of me telling you what the new edition is about — see it for yourself! Get “The Adult Learner Survival Guide” now, and give it a read during downtime, at the beach, or whenever you find yourself needing some advice and inspiration. Feel free to tell your social networks about “The Adult Learner Survival Guide,” and rate and review it on Amazon. And if you have ideas for how we can keep building upon it for a third edition, let us know in the comments!