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One of the basic tenets of innovation is that you need to have a flexible organization to unleash creativity and allow new ideas to flourish. At the same time, successful innovative organizations aren’t just free-for-alls. They typically have a good amount of structure, metrics, and goals in place to guide their innovation initiatives and ensure their efforts lead to outcomes that build business success.

One of the most important aspects of forming and guiding this structure is having sound values. Every innovative organization should have a set of values in place that serve as compass for how team members work. These values can vary greatly from organization to organization, depending on its objectives. But some values are shared more commonly across organizations, and are among the more important ones to incorporate into your set of core values.

I wrote about seven of these innovation values in a contributed article to Wired to give you some ideas you can incorporate into your organization. Take a look, see what fits your business, and feel free to add other ideas in the comments.