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New Courses ad for social media coursesWith the popularity of social media soaring, it’s vital to understand how to use these popular platforms to advance your business and yourself. That’s why the B.S. in Marketing program offered through the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business is offering three new courses that position graduates to maximize the social media space in reaching potential customers.

The three new courses are Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, and Social Marketing Strategies. A fourth class has been reconfigured and is now called Advanced Advertising Techniques Using Adobe Photoshop. These classes are led by business and marketing industry experts who bring their practical experience into the classroom.

Many people who spend a lot of time on social media think they are experts on how to use it to their best advantage.  And that may be so.  But, when it comes to marketing, there is plenty to learn about how to use these new tools to achieve your business objectives.

For example, you probably don’t think of yourself as a true customer of social media sites.  And you probably have never considered that you’re also a social media site’s inventory. Yes, inventory.

Did you ever notice that when you write on Facebook that your grandmother makes great soup, you get inundated with ads for soups?   If you write on social media that your child plays baseball, you’ll see ads about gloves, hats and jerseys.

The types of ads you see are all based on what you share on social media.  And that’s big business for social media sites like Facebook.  If you’re a current or future marketer, it’s big business for YOU. Knowledge and mastery of social media is becoming a must for today’s marketers, and these new forward-looking courses will provide practical application-based examples.

The first course, Brand Management, explores the logic and strategies behind making a brand truly memorable in the minds of consumers.  This course delves into branding from an institutional and personal perspective.

Great organizations have great brands. In fact to the public the brand is the organization. This allows organizations to take chances but never violate the trust that they’ve developed with their consumers. The motto is protect the brand at all costs. When the organization’s products or services are consistently closely aligned with the consumers want or need it can lead to a powerful emotional appeal.

The Social Media Marketing course offers an exploration of popular platforms in which social media lives such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Students are focused on creating social media marketing plans and look at the underpinnings of social media’s explosive growth.

In Social Marketing Strategies, students learn to apply the traditional marketing principles to the challenges and rewards of influencing positive public behavior and bringing about social change.

The largest percentage of social media users globally are generation X, Y, and Z. Our students learn that organizations that can harness these social platforms are best positioned to gain the trust and faith of the consumer.

The revised Advanced Advertising Techniques Using Adobe Photoshop course will teach students essential Photoshop skills. Most businesses are looking for prospective employees who can add additional value to their teams beyond simply knowing Microsoft Word and Excel. The skills learned in this class will significantly add to a graduate’s marketability.

Today’s marketers need to be fluent in imagining software. In a digital era an organization’s messages are conveyed largely digitally. Social media continues to grow exponentially and many employers look for that skill in a prospective employee.

What tips do you have on how to best use social media for marketing purposes?

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