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This past month has been incredibly nerve-racking and exciting for a number of reasons. First and foremost was the event I had been planning for the last 6 or 7 weeks. It came and went on March 14th and, as I’ve been told by several of my fellow co-workers and my supervisors, it was a success.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in  Kansas City housed the Chiefs' event last month.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in
Kansas City housed the Chiefs’ event last month.

I was tasked with organizing the bulk of the event logistics including securing the venue, making sure valet parking was established and available, ordering the food and setting up the drink tab, and even playing the part of party bouncer. I had the help of some fellow interns on the day of the event (shout out to Alexis Brunk, Chris Kerford and Alex Fahnders), which made things much easier once the day finally arrived. There were a handful of VIPs scheduled to show up, including a few players and coaches, but the primary focus was on our suite holders and partners.

The event took place at Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in the Power & Light District of downtown Kansas City, which is directly across the street from the Sprint Center, home of the Big 12 Men’s Basketball Tournament. Just by looking into the crowd when we arrived at the venue, there had to be close to 10,000 people crammed into an area smaller than the size of Lamoy Field. It was intense. The big game on the docket was the hometown favorite Kansas Jayhawks vs. the Iowa State Cyclones and every shot made in the first 10 minutes drew a massive cheer, regardless of who made it. Surprisingly enough it seemed that out of the ten thousand fans around us the majority were rooting for Iowa State (I have yet to decide if that was due to the traveling ability of the Cyclone fans or some Kansas State fans who decided that the Jayhawks losing was as good as a Wildcat win…).

All in all, I can honestly say that I am not only proud of the way me and my team acted and handled ourselves during this event, I am more excited to realize that I was able to do what I never expected. I’m an intern. I’m somebody who is supposed to be fetching coffee and mailing packages, not organizing events for high-profile clients and acting on behalf of a multi-million dollar NFL franchise. I was able to earn the trust of my supervisors and take this project head-on, succeeding in the process. Nothing is worth more in this world than the trust you are able to have in your own abilities, something I am starting to understand like never before.

One of the more important realizations I’ve come to while working here over the past 3 months has been the utilization of a number of skills that were focused on in class back at Post. For example, this past week I had been tasked with compiling the responses of a survey that the department sent out to its suite holders. I was then told I would be presenting this data to everyone at our weekly staff meeting. In order to successfully complete this project I had to rely on the skills I’ve honed through years of classes to create an informative and creative presentation that went beyond the expectations of my supervisors. It’s easy for me to see how everything I’ve done in the past has prepared me for what I am currently doing because it makes itself known on a daily basis.

Next week I hope to set aside some time for a brief interview with one of the full-time employees here just so you can get a quick glimpse as to how they got to where they are today and any advice they are willing to offer. Until then I’ll be working hard toward my ultimate goal of finding a full-time home within the world of professional sports.

Roll Chiefs!

– Tim

Tim Farrell is a senior at Post University studying Sport Management. 

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