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Post University junior Peter Fanous is a Resident Assistant, a participant in the Honors Program, a Senior Student Ambassador, a member of the tennis team, and former Orientation Leader and EPIC team member. He even spends his summers working in Post’s admissions office giving tours to interested students and families. So fully immersed in the university, Fanous looks right at home as he leads visitors across the campus grounds, so much so that it’s hard to believe his real home is over 5,000 miles away.

Peter Fanous playing tennis.

In addition to his student activities, Fanous is a member of the Post University tennis team.

Fanous is an international student from Cairo, Egypt currently double majoring in Sport Management and Interactive Communications and is one of the most involved students on the Post campus. He came to Post to fulfill his dream of playing college tennis and because of the welcoming feel the school offered. It wasn’t easy at first though, for the student leader to adjust to life as a college student in America.

“Within the first month you get this giant culture shock,” said Fanous. “After the shock comes the home sickness. It was hard at first, but luckily it was a pretty quick transition.”

Fanous credits the size of Post’s campus and acceptance from its students and faculty as major reasons why he was able to open up and grow into the student he has become. He’s set personal goals throughout his time at Post to meet as many people as he can and develop as much character and maturity as possible.

“Everything is provided for you to succeed at Post,” he said. “Everyone has an open door policy and everyone wants to help you. It might be a small school, but there are so many opportunities.”

While excelling in academics and student involvement, Fanous still has time to shine on the tennis courts as an NCAA Division II athlete.

“All of the coaches are always trying to help you succeed not only in your sport, but academically as well,” he said. “This isn’t an easy school, but there are so many resources to use.”

With his full-time position in the Admission’s Office during the summer months, Fanous gets to travel home just once a year during winter break.

“It might not be in the best condition or political situation, but I do miss Egypt a lot,” he said.

Not seeing his friends and family and being away from the places he’s loved most about his home country have proved challenging, but Fanous has adopted a positive approach to his situation.

“Since I’ve only been home a couple of times from when I came to the United States, I’ve learned to make home out of everywhere I go, especially at Post,” he said. “I’ve gotten to know so many students and so many faculty and staff members, and they’re all so helpful.”

Fanous has accomplished so much at Post it’s almost hard to believe he’s only heading into his junior year, but the eager international student is already looking for more. He will become a Residence Assistant for the first time this year and will begin an internship with the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) in the fall.

“I want to prepare myself for my career after college,” he said. “I want to build my resume, get more experience in different fields, and learn something new every day.”

After Post, Fanous hopes to purse a career in sports management in America and then go back to Egypt to share his wealth of knowledge with his country.

“I will stay here in the United States and learn more about the field, and then take that information home,” he said. “I want to teach people and give them ideas and knowledge about the sports management field.  I would love to see my country develop in that area.”


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