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Not many students get their dream job right out of college. So it’s not hard to believe that when recent Post University graduate Kelsey Knecht got a phone call from her dream employer just days after graduation – she was rather speechless.

Kelsey Knecht at Commencement 2014

Kelsey Knecht recently graduated from Post University in May 2014.

“When I got that call I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t even know what to say,” said Knecht. “The fact that it was that agency, and it was in that location, which I wanted so much; it was amazing, and such a sigh of relief to have a job like that after college.”

That location would be Jacksonville, Florida, and that agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Knecht, who earned her Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and her Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies in May, will be working in the Communications Department of the FBI’s Jacksonville Division.

Knecht could only share limited information regarding the position, but will work with connecting and communicating with agents in the field. The Post alum interned with the Bureau for two years in several different fields, experiencing in some capacity what each department had to offer. She praises her internship experience and the Career Services Department at Post University for her recent job offer.

“My internship was honestly a must,” said Knecht. “The experience I had greatly improved my chances of getting this job. I have career services to thank for a lot of that, they helped me build my resume and prepared me for the interview process. They were very helpful.”

During her time at Post, Knecht covered a variety of topics in both her associate and bachelor’s programs. In the Criminal Justice program, she discovered her love of law enforcement through studying confidentiality and written law. She learned the responsibilities of being a mentor and a leader through the Child Studies program. Knecht was also a Resident Assistant at Post for the past three years.

“I learned so much as a student at Post that prepared me for this position,” she said. “As an RA, you deal with situations like confidentiality, enforcing policies, being a supervisor; all of these things also prepare you mentally and physically for a job like the one I’m going into,” said Knecht.

Knecht said it’s hard to leave Post, the place she’s called home for the past four years, but the West Haven, CT native will leave for training in Quantico, Virginia later this month and begin her position with the FBI in early August.

“The relationships I built with everyone on the Post campus over the past four years has been so amazingly rewarding,” she said. “It’s truly my home away from home; when I think of Post, I think of my family. It will be hard to say goodbye but I’m so excited for my new opportunity.”

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