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The business world is a constantly evolving entity. Shouldn’t business schools evolve with it?

I found this to be exactly the case at Post University’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business. Attending their business program, and graduating in 2013 with a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, has changed my career.

Seth Duke speaking at a podium.

Seth Duke has recently taken over as Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager at O&G Industries, Inc.

Several years ago I began a traditional master’s degree in Management at another university.  I eventually left the program after a year as I found the classroom discussions stale and out of date with the real-world experiences that I was gaining in the workplace.  At Post, I found the discussions very timely and the learning environment flexible enough that I could work through real-world problems I was trying to solve in the workplace. I also found the online learning environment more rigorous and challenging than traditional classroom learning, with no place to hide, and no points for merely showing up.

During the time I was completing coursework I was applying the lessons from the classroom to my daily work.  The lessons I learned in the classroom are skills I use regularly – from doing competitive analysis of companies to creating marketing plans and developing marketing strategies.

My decision to pursue my MBA at Post University was two-fold.  As someone who is involved in developing websites and using collaborative technologies, I wanted to attend an online university where I would be on the other side of the user experiences I typically design.  It just seemed like a fit for my career path.  I also wanted to attend a university that was close to my home and had a real campus presence that I could validate – not just an online presence.

Some of my classmates were from the area and I would regularly run into them at business and community events, while others were located around the U.S. and around the globe.  This brought a good mix of perspectives to discussions that you wouldn’t ordinarily get from a traditional campus experience.

Attending Post’s MBA program was one of the best investments I made in my career.  During the time I was in the MBA program, my career grew exponentially.  Not only was I progressing in my job, advancing from an individual contributor role to a Communication Director, but also leading in the community.  It was during my MBA coursework that I took a leadership role on the Board of Directors of of Mattatuck Musuem and assumed a Director role with the Greater Waterbury Health Network in Waterbury, Connecticut.

My Post degree has also helped facilitate a recent career move I’ve made, going from a Communications Director for a Waterbury-based nonprofit organization to working as the Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager at O&G Industries, Inc., a Connecticut-based construction company that complete national projects like a past project where they resurfaced runways at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

In my current role at O&G, I am responsible for defining the company’s brand and developing a marketing strategy.  In my role, I am accountable for internal and external marketing and corporate communications, with accountability for majordeliverables like redesigning the company’s website and creating a mobile experience for users.

Job changes are often a scary experience for people, but because of my experience at Post, it’s been a very smooth transition for me.  In the MBA program, you get used to learning about new companies and industries, looking at competitors and looking critically at companies to understand their business models and operating environments.  For me, transitioning from nonprofit to for-profit has been very low stress.  I believe the MBA experience at Post prepared me for the shift in my career.

My job is always changing, along with a changing business climate. Post realizes this ever-changing business climate and they’ve built an MBA program to not only keep up with it, but to get out ahead of it. This ahead-of-the-curve approach allows its students to stay at the front of the pack and on the cutting edge. If you’re not moving forward you’re falling behind, and there was no better way to move my career forward than with an MBA degree from Post University.