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Cynthia Scalora always intended to go back to school, but when her intentions needed to be set aside for obligations, college didn’t always seem like a possibility. However, what seemed like it might never happen is now about to happen for the third time in four years: Scalora is going to complete an academic program from Post University—this time, a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies.

photo of Cynthia Scalora

Cynthia Scalora

At 40-years-old, Scalora had been out of the workforce for nearly three years taking care of her ill father-in-law. When her father-in-law passed away in 2010, she knew it was time to do what she had been intending to do for so long, and what her father-in-law would want her to do.

“My decision to return to school was inspired by honoring my father in-law after his passing,” said Scalora. “It was my time for a change. I wanted a career not just a job. I also wanted to work and have the affordability to pursue a degree.  I found that with the online program at Post.”

Scalora didn’t just go back to Post and get her degree, she kept coming back. In 2012, she earned her Paralegal Certification; in 2013, she received her Associate’s Degree in Legal Studies.  This May, she will walk in Commencement to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies.

“I’ve had such a positive experience over these past four years at Post,” she said. “The professors, the staff, and my classmates have all been wonderful and made it all worthwhile.”

Coming back time and again, and working through each new program, wasn’t always easy for Scalora, and in the face of several challenges, there were often times she considered leaving her programs.

“Three months into being at Post, my mother developed dementia and needed extra care and attention, but I knew I couldn’t let that derail me so soon after starting up again,” she said. “But there were many times, with so much going on both personally and professionally, I’d look at my husband and say ‘I don’t think I can do it, I don’t think I can finish’. It was just a matter of persevering, wanting more and pushing through.”

Persevere she has, and Scalora has used her certificate and degree from Post to obtain work in her area of study. Since earning her first certificate, she’s worked as an intern for a real estate attorney, then as a legal secretary for a Connecticut law firm, and last year she achieved her goal of obtaining a position within the insurance field.  As a parser in a litigation management department, she continues to climb the corporate ladder.

“Without the skills and the knowledge I gained from the course work, and from my professors, I would not be in the position I am now,” she said. “One of the very reasons I was hired was because of my degree. Had I not gone to Post University, I would not have the great career I have today.”

It’s been challenging for Scalora, but through hard work, a dedication to continue her education, and the knowledge and experience she’s gained in her degree programs, she was able to take the idea of a different life and make it a reality.

“I value my Post experience with the highest regard,” she said. “I cannot begin to imagine my life being any different now. My father in-law saw a potential in me during the time I spent with him, and that was what inspired me to keep going. I’m so glad that I have.”

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