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Lee Ann Walker1. Who are you?

My name is Dr. Lee Ann Walker. I am the Academic Program Manager of the MBA Marketing and Multidisciplinary Concentrations at Post University.

2. What are some personal and professional achievements?

My first personal achievement would be my family. I have been with my husband, Craig, for 15 years and we have two beautiful children, Cael (10 years old) and Ryleigh (4 years old). Another personal achievement is my education. I earned a D.B.A. in Management, Leadership, and Marketing; an M.B.A. in Marketing; and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. I have 15 years professional experience in marketing (print, web, and media), advertising, graphic design, corporate branding, social media branding, and customer service in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.  Before making the switch to higher education seven years ago, I enjoyed a prosperous corporate career providing marketing and design support to national and international organizations in fields of business such as civil engineering, architectural design, transportation, professional sports, healthcare, and product manufacturing. I am a published and award-winning author of inspirational, nonfiction pieces.  I am an advocate for social change and have won awards for my community service in the arena of marketing and social change through social media.

3. Why did you get into education?

That is not an easy answer as education was not something that was ever focused on in my upbringing. I am the first of my family to get an education, but not just an education, I went all the end to a terminal degree. I can honestly say I love education and refuse to see it as a destination. Seven years ago I was a guest speaker for Walden University where I was speaking to a student body of 500+ peers, Ph.D. and D.B.A. students, about social change and my journey to find my voice after a horrific life event. A faculty member in attendance heard my story and encouraged me to consider teaching. She told me that the best teachers and professors are those willing to let people in, be vulnerable, and to share experiences to advance social issues beyond one’s own life and community. I have found that being relatable is key in the online educational platform, and also to be personal and make the experience great for the end user every day. For me to be able to explore solutions in an academic community that can directly affect the lives of our students in a positive way is what drives me to continue this important work. Education has to be more than just teaching from a book, but integrating and weaving in everyday life and real world applicable situations.

4. What type of students will succeed in your program?

The student who does well in the MBA Marketing is one with a true passion for learning, knowledge, and marketing, and also knows where this field of knowledge is going to and can take them and their organizations. The type of student who has a desire to break down the walls of what they know, and challenges themselves to entertain new ways of thinking and embrace new insights.

5. When do you begin noticing that your students have that ‘aha’ moment?

When they reach out with situations, they are experiencing in their personal and professional lives, when they ask questions above and beyond what we are expected to learn and know, and when they share with their peer’s ways to advance a situation by asking them what they would do.
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6. Where do you see the field in which you teach going in the next five years?

I see it advancing more into the digital technologies and strategies. So much of what we do is online now, so it only makes sense that students want to understand how digital marketing works and how they can use it to advance their careers.

Lee Ann Walker is an MBA – Marketing Program Manager at Post University. Prior to working at Post University, she has served at several academic posts and garnered a successful professional career, and also served in the United States Army. Walker was named the 2014 Faculty Member of the Year by New England College of Business and Finance.