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ed-biro-with-poetry-book-768x576Who knew that the Information Technology department has a published poet? Ed Biro is a programmer analyst by day, and a poet by night, and he recently had his work published in The Golden Thread Project.

The book is a collection of poetry that are all inspired by different pieces of artwork. Biro’s piece, Home is Not Just an Address was inspired by the painting Home at the Soup Kitchen by Hama Pertab. Before moving into the field of coding and information technology eight years ago, Biro spent time as a mental health case manager working in shelters in Seattle, Washington.

“I feel an affinity and a commitment for the cause,” said Biro.

Biro discovered his love for poetry through his other love for music. “When I was in high school, I played guitar and played in bands and I really enjoyed songwriting. I wrote a lot of lyrics and lots of songs. The music just took me there,” said Biro.

While proficient in the ins and outs of the Post University IT department, Biro received his undergraduate degree in English at Southern Connecticut State University, but he now prefers to keep his writing as a hobby.

“In my spare time in the evening, I sit out on the porch and I write poetry.”

Biro heard about this opportunity to submit his work. “I thought, oh let me give it a shot,” he said. He submitted his work, and then later got an email back saying they wanted to publish his poem in the book.

This isn’t Biro’s first time having his work published. Three years ago, he won first place in the adult division of the literary competition at the Trumbull Arts Festival. He has also been published in Connecticut Magazine and in several other small publications.