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Post University Blog

We turned the University blog over to our two 2020 Valedictorians. These outstanding and well-rounded students embody an impressive breadth of knowledge and pride of personal character. Each has the highest grade point average in their class. Before they venture off into the world, each took a moment to offer a message to their inspiration to classmates as well as reflect upon their time at the University.

Jason Dake, Accelerated Degree Program Valedictorian

While graduation was postponed, what message would you like to share with your fellow classmates?

While graduation may be postponed, we must hold our heads and spirits high with these three reminders:

  • We are warriors.  We can fight through any battle and overcome any struggle or conflict.
  • We are champions. We have shown our success by the battles that we have won and have defeated all odds.
  • We are perseveres. We will continue to move forward in our course of action even when we are faced with difficulty of little hope or success.

What attracted you to Post University? 

What attracted me to Post University Online is the length of time it has been around.  For 130 years, Post University has led the campus with flexibility and many successes. I saw myself finishing the degree of my choice in four years instead of five to six years.  The biggest influence was that I could create my own schedule during the week to meet the deadlines of homework while attending to my needs at work and at home. I decided to return to Post University Online to continue my education because it met my needs in obtaining my goals for both career and education.  The biggest challenge that I had for my online experience was to be diligent and resilient.  After a long day of challenges through work and home experiences, all I could think about was going to sleep.  It takes commitment and dedication to bounce back and work through the difficult times it takes to stay awake and focused.  Do not be surprised if you acquire more gray hairs on your head as well!

How has the University prepared you for your career?

Post University has prepared me for my career with the best and most knowledgeable Professors and Instructors.  Although the curriculum was very detailed, without the leadership and interaction of the staff, direction in the coursework would be difficult. The curriculum was outlined to fit the needs for my future, I am confident that I was not set up to fail—and I did not fail! The blackboard system allowed for flexibility but a demand for timeliness and structured units and rules to abide by.  I am well prepared for my future.