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1. Who are you?Deron Grabel

Hi! My name is Dr. Deron G. Grabel and I am the Academic Program Manager of Sport Management at Post University. I completed my BS degree at Springfield College, MS degree at Lehman College of The City University of New York, and my Doctor of Education in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy. My research areas of interest include sports internships, sports marketing, and international sports.

2. What are some personal and professional achievements?

Some personal and professional achievements include completing my doctorate, developing a number of Sport Management programs, becoming a published author, and presenting at academic conferences both nationally and internationally including four North American Society for Sport Management Conferences, 2004’s Sport Marketing Association Conference, and 2005’s American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Conference. I am a member of the North American Society for Sport Management, the Sport Marketing Association, and The Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors.

3. Why did you get into education?

A love for learning led me to education. As a former high school and college basketball coach, I believe teaching is an offshoot of coaching, and that the opportunity to work in close proximity to students can be extremely rewarding for both the student and the educator.

4. What type of students will succeed in your program?

Students who are disciplined, hard-working, and engaging will succeed in the Sport Management program.

5. When do you begin noticing that your students have that ‘aha’ moment?

The ‘aha’ moment tends to vary by student. Some people have the “aha” moment early in their academic career, others later. The timing of the “aha’ moment doesn’t matter nearly as much as actually having the “aha” moment.

Bonus question:

6. Where do you see the field in which you teach going in the next 5 years?

Over the next 5 years, I believe the field will continue to expand with opportunities available for hard-working determined professionals.

Deron Grabel is the Academic Program Manager for the Sport Management program at Post University. Grabel earned his M.S. Recreation Administration from Lehman College and earned his ABD, Sport Administration from the United States Sports Academy.