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dr.-donAt Post University, we love constant improvement!  We’re always innovating our processes to make the student experience extraordinary, re-evaluating our academic offerings to keep up with the changing job market, and challenging our students in new and exciting ways to be the best they can be.  At the beginning of 2017, I’m offering some tips to hopefully make your new year successful.  You’ll also see tips from the Deans of our three schools in subsequent weeks, so check back for more incentives to make this the best year ever!  Happy New Year!

1. Be Disciplined. It is so easy to say “I can wait until later to get that done,” and often you can wait. However I have found that being disciplined, and not procrastinating, can be freeing and help you to feel accomplished.  Stay focused on what is truly important, whether that be coursework, athletics, work, family, friends, etc.  Life is a series of trade-offs, and one must choose what is truly important at any given time.  Prioritizing what comes next and then moving in that direction is key to a successful life.

2. Enlarge your Network. Success so often depends on the relationships we build throughout our lives.  A great goal for the year would be to try and enlarge your network by seeking out more professional and/or personal relationships.  There are so many pluses to having a truly great network that you can think with, bounce ideas off of, and if need be, ask for help to find a job or provide a referral.  We don’t have to go through this life alone, nor should we!

3. Have a Vision. Know where you want to get to even if it is only for the next year, although longer-term visions are extremely helpful.  The old adage of “how will you ever know you are there if you don’t know where you are headed” has a lot of merit.  Yes, we can leave things to chance, but then we have to be willing to accept what comes our way, and that often is not what we may, in fact, like.  Visions change, and that is acceptable, but failing to plan is planning to fail.  Having a vision, no matter how loose, at least gives one a path to work towards.

4. Remember to Celebrate. All too often we have a tendency to simply move on to the next thing without taking or making the time to celebrate our accomplishments and achievements.  Celebration is important because it allows us to “feel” what we have accomplished.  I often think of celebration as the “humanizing” of our efforts, and it incorporates the emotional side of ourselves, thus bringing about a wholeness to our work or school efforts.

5. Build in Reflection Time. Learning takes reflection, and with reflection comes increased learning.  All too often, we are on to the next item to be completed without doing the thinking and reflection necessary to enhance our capacities.  I also think there are different types of reflection, and all of them are necessary.  Reflection about work, reflection about friends and colleagues, and possibly the most important reflection, about ourselves.  Are we doing what we truly want to be doing, and are we doing it the way we feel it should be done?  Are we being true to ourselves in every way so that we can feel good about who we are, and how we are walking through this life?