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In a time where remaining connected seems more important than ever, learn some tips that can help you remain connected, manage stress, and stay positive.

  • Have an end time and routine. After you complete a reasonable day’s work, put away your books and class materials. Try to establish an “end of school” routine – even something small like checking your mail – to change your mindset back to personal time. Stick to your boundaries so you can decompress and recharge at the end of the day.
  • Establish a workstation. Confine your study zone to one place so your coursework doesn’t evade other parts of your house. Establish a quiet, stress-free place where you can do your work without the distraction of TV, texting, and other things that can easily shift your attention.
  • Get enough sleep. Experts say that one of the best ways to cope and maintain your immune system is to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Learn more about the benefits of sleep here, and strive to get seven to nine hours of sleep daily.
  • Try an online workout. With innumerable YouTube channels dedicated to fitness, apps, and other online resources, strive to sweat daily. It will help you avoid the crowds and maintain your level of fitness.
  • Cook a comforting meal and eat well. Keep calm and keep cooking. Try a new recipe, cookery project, or cuisine. This will give you something to do and distract you from the steady stream of news. Studies have shown that eating healthy can help boost your mood, so this may be a great time to fill your plate with whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and unprocessed foods.
  • Get outside. While it’s best to avoid crowds, consider going on a walk or run and take in a little fresh air. There are science-backed reasons why it’s important to enjoy time outside.
  • Connect digitally with the people who support you. Talking and laughing via text message, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Zoom, and other digital means are a great way to relieve stress. Or, consider planning a virtual coffee or dinner date with your friends, classmates, or colleagues.
  • Embrace the power of mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation is a helpful antidote to worry, fear, and anxiety. Learn seven simple calming meditations.

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