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The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2019 edition of Public Administration Today, a newsletter for Post University’s Master of Public Administration students.

My name is Alexis Muscaro. I am the Academic Success Counselor for the Master of Public Administration program at Post University.

I started at Post in 2012, working in the undergraduate admissions department. I loved working with students who were excited to begin their college journey. They inspired me to start work on my MBA at Post University. It took me a few terms longer than planned to complete my degree (having two children during your program will do that), but I finished! Shortly after I completed my degree, I transitioned to the advising world.

Having been a student at Post, and now an instructor in the undergraduate marketing program, I have a feel for what our students need and what they are going through. I try to use these experiences to mold my interactions with my advisees. My goal is simple: to guide every student to graduation. Each student’s road to completion will look different, but my job is to do whatever it takes to support and guide them to that goal, whether it is registering them for classes or talking them through a difficult time, I am here for whatever they need.

I have long said that commencement is my favorite day of the year and the day that I look forward to all year. I am humbled that each student allows me to be such a big part of their journey. I am proud of every student that walks across the stage, and I am usually the one in the audience screaming the loudest. For those students who are unable to come to commencement, the celebratory call from me is always in order.

To my advisees, I thank you for everything that you do to make Post University proud of its students and alumni. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, at any time at [email protected].