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Left to right: Christina Billings (Career Services), Angela Hughes (Intern of the Year), Noelle A. Taddei (Accounting Professor)

“All of my internship experiences have allowed me to apply my learning in the classroom at Post University to my future profession. I am humbled by the support of everyone who has been a part of my journey, and it has been an incredibly memorable opportunity to be a Post University student.

“To me, moments are not bought, they are earned, and at the heart of every moment is the effort you have put in to make it worthwhile. I believe that completing an internship is one of the most beneficial moments throughout the college experience. Over the past three years of being at Post University, I have completely blossomed as a student, and I have the dedication of my professors and the university to thank for that. This award truly proves that an internship helps you grow professionally and academically, I look forward to watching future students embark on the same journey,” said Angela Hughes.

In less than two years, Angela has experienced three professional internships.

Angela transferred to Post, enrolled in the Honors Program and established her goal to graduate with Honors Program Distinction. She is double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration, completing a certificate in Forensics Accounting, as well as earning the 150 credit hours necessary to obtain her CPA licensure. Angela has achieved and maintained a highly competitive GPA, while consistently taking 18 credits per semester

In 2018, Angela was the recipient of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board’s (PCAOB) $10,000 scholarship awarded to an outstanding accounting student.

She is resident of Watertown.