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Post University Blog

Written by Katie Shpak, University Writer

Director of Center for Academic Success Michael Adesida came to Post University this October with ten years of experience working in higher education. Adesida previously worked as an Assistant Director of Student Support Services at Mercy College in NY.

Within his role at Post, Adesida will be focusing on the new Post Academy programs, which begin on December 15. These programs aim to get a student on the most adequate path to prepare for college.

In addition to fostering the Post Academy programs, Adesida will also be assisting with the first-year experience to support new students in their transition to the University, as well as working with students to ensure they are successfully completing their coursework.

“The goal is to see the retention rates rise,” said Adesida. “I plan to help students stay motivated and encouraged to stay in school and earn their degrees.”

Through his experience working in higher education, Adesida has noticed that students often are more adept to an in-classroom learning environment. Though it may be challenging for students, one of Adesida’s goals is to assist them in becoming exemplary virtual learners by ensuring they get the proper guidance needed to succeed.

“When I think of success, I often think of my fraternity’s, Kappa Alpha Psi Inc., mantra – to encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor,” says Adesida. “However, rather than seeing success as an honorable achievement, seeing it as honorable progress. Success is noticing progress year over year towards the goals you set out to achieve – whether they be academic, personal, social, financial, or other.”

The Center for Academic Success is available to provide students with the academic help needed to achieve their goals, at no additional cost. Adesida encourages all students to reach out for academic assistance.

“We can all use a helping hand at times,” says Adesida. “It is important to learn how to advocate for yourself. Learn to get the resources you need, and do not be afraid to ask for help. We are all going through this together.”