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School of Arts and Sciences

Paige Dundas

Paige Dundas | 2021 | Biology | Main Campus

“During my internship, I fully explored what a career working in a retail pharmacy would be like. Along with learning the pharmacist’s regular duties, I witnessed the chaos and difficulties brought on by the pandemic. I was able to develop an understanding of the process from start to finish when filling a prescription. When I began my internship, I did not realize the amount of work that went into filling a single prescription.”

Carla Paz | 2021 | Computer Information Systems | ADP

“I have gained valuable knowledge and practice from this experience. Prior to this internship, I had no experience programming, nor did I have much knowledge about the tools and frameworks used, but now, I can program basic things and have learned to utilize various tools and frameworks that facilitate the developing work.”

The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business

Justin Noguiera

Justin Noguiera

Justin Noguiera| 2021 | Marketing | Main Campus

“This experience has enhanced my understanding of social media and the analytics that go into creating a strong campaign. Additionally, my photo and video editing skills have greatly improved, which helps bring a unique advantage to each post. New challenges arose every day and due dates were always inching closer. However, through good organization and teamwork, no project was impossible.”

Nickeisha Burke

Nickeisha Burke

Nickeisha Burke | 2022 | Accounting | ADP

“This position has helped me gain experience in the field of my study and gave me a hands-on look at what it means to work in accounting. It has also provided me with a better understanding of what to expect when I have completed college and start working as a CPA.”



John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education

Avery Kelly

Avery Kelly

Avery Kelly | 2021 | Human Services | Main Campus

“Before starting this internship, I knew that I wanted to work in the Human Services field, but wasn’t sure what population I wanted to work with. However, throughout this internship, I found my passion for helping individuals with substance abuse problems. This internship helped me discover my dream career. I was inspired to become a substance abuse counselor and help recovering addicts achieve and maintain sobriety.”


Nakia Boyd

Nakia Boyd

Nakia Boyd | 2021 | Human Services | ADP

“I’ve gained valuable partnerships in the community and it has pushed me to do more networking for the families I serve.”