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As a current college student, you know how big a decision it is to decide where to earn your degree. There’s plenty of noise, too, with colleges and universities of all sizes and types competing for your attention.

The crazy thing is that all those marketing efforts only go so far in convincing people where to go for college. One of the most significant determiners in where people get their education—beyond cost and financial aid—is an individual’s own social network.

People want to be around people they know and love. It’s why groups of people from your high school all went off to the same college. The importance of friendships in college can’t be overstated, regardless of if you are taking classes online or on campus. The connections you make while pursuing your degree may be just as valuable as the degree itself once you graduate. You’ll also need quality friendships to create a network of support as you navigate your college education.

If you’re a current student here at Post University, you’ve already made an outstanding choice. You didn’t choose a “big” school. You chose a school that offers you academic excellence and personal growth. You’re not here by accident or happenstance, and chances are you like what you’re getting out of your education.

If that’s you, why not refer your friends to Post? You’ll grow your social and professional network and help your friends better their lives through education in the process. To help you get the word out, Post is also launching a brand-new referral program with benefits for you and the friends you refer.

What to Consider Before Referring a Friend

While referring friends is generally a great idea, there are some things to consider before doing so.

Does Your Friend Want to Go to College?

Not everyone wants to or even should go to college at a private four-year university. There are plenty of trades and blue-collar jobs that don’t need a bachelor’s degree. If your friend is excited to pursue this line of work, don’t push too hard on a referral.

Does Your Friend Have Prior Commitments?

College loyalty can be a strange thing. If your friend’s parents are both loyal graduates of a particular school, your friend may face immense pressure to attend there. Similarly, if your friend has a full-ride sports scholarship elsewhere, a referral isn’t likely to sway them.

Does Your Friend Fit the Culture?

As a current student, you know the culture of your university. Consider whether your friend would feel at home as you think about referring them.

Advantages of Referring Friends: For You

There are many advantages to referring friends that you can experience personally, all related to the importance of friendships in college.

More Friends: The most obvious benefit to you is that you’ll have more friends at college. If you’re in a residential program, you’ll naturally make new friends at college. But doing so can be challenging. Bringing your own friends with you can give you additional outlets for social interaction and generally improve your experience.

More Resources: It may go without saying, but the more friends you have at college, the more resources you have within reach when you need them. This could be anything from rides to study sessions to career or dating advice. The larger your network, the more resources you can tap into as you navigate your college education.

Advantages of Referring Friends: For Your Friends

When you refer your friends to Post, they gain many of the same benefits as you, plus these unique advantages.

A First Friend: Navigating college can be challenging, and it helps immensely to have a “first friend” built-in. You’re already a student, so you’ve already navigated some of those early challenges. When your friend begins studying at Post, they have a natural first friend—you. And because you’ve already been through a semester or more, you’re well-positioned to help your friend through those early obstacles.

Access to Social Circles and Community: Breaking into new social circles and finding a sense of community can sometimes be a challenge for new college students. These things come naturally to some but not to others. If your friends follow you to Post, they can gain easier access to some social circles. In many cases, they’ll find a sense of community much more quickly thanks to your presence and referral.

How to Refer a Friend

You may be ready to refer your friends right now but aren’t sure how. We’ve made it easy to refer your friends. Simply fill out the form on the referral page for each friend that you think would be a good fit here.

It’s also a good idea to let your friend know that you’ve referred them. Tell them (in person, if possible) why you think they’d be a good fit at Post. They might dismiss the university contact as generic marketing rather than a personalized invitation if you don’t.

The details of the new referral program are still being developed, so check back to the referral page to learn more once the information is published!


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