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Seniors in the Communication & Media Studies program presented their research as part of their seminar class last month. This mini expo enables students to showcase their projects to a wider audience that included students, faculty, and staff.

The class, Advanced Seminar in Communication & Media, allows the students to dive deep into a research question over the course of a semester. The students designed and conducted individual research projects under the supervision of Program Chair Margaret DiMauro.

“Senior presentations provide soon-to-be graduates with the opportunity to discuss their personal research projects and to defend the decisions they made regarding their topic choice, research design and methods of data collection and analysis,” DiMauro said. “Senior presentations are the exclamation point at the end of a student’s journey in the COM program.”

Student presentations featured a variety of topics. Alec Andrews’ project, “Stocks Get Social: A Content Analysis Measuring Social Media Influence on Market Analysis,” focused on the influence of social media on the GameStop stock prices in 2021.

Jennifer Beveridge focused on teaching practices at the university level with her project “The Innovation of Education: A Study Examining Interactive Learning in Higher Education.”

The influence of media on racial stereotypes was the topic of Anya Jackson’s project: “Sapphire, Jezebel, and Mammy: A Study Exploring the Impact of Media-Depicted Stereotypes on Black Female Self-Perception.”

In addition to the annual presentation event, the students present their research in printed form as part of the project. The research projects are saved in individual binders for future Communication & Media Studies students to examine, read and use as inspiration for their own senior projects.

The Communication & Media Studies program allows students to explore the science of human communication as well as analyze media as it shapes our culture. Students can customize their academic journey with concentrations in Emerging Media, Strategic Communication, or a choose-your-own general communication path.

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