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There is a lot happening on the front lines of modern business. The hyper-connectivity of the world opened a new arena in which businesses of all sizes compete. This, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) allows companies to collect and use big data to understand a myriad of factors required to do business in the 21st century. That demand makes a unique group of people very hot – or a hot commodity. And one reason why data analysts are one of the sexiest groups of people around. Everyone wants them.

The Role of Data in Business

There is a massive shift as whole industries shed the burden of static data and don the potential that dynamic data brings. Data, in real-time, is changing how managers make decisions, enabling machines to redesign themselves, and feeding mega-bandwidths of information into computers that handle and then compute that data into information. That process requires that people understand data, not as a set of numbers, but as a conversation. That role falls to data analysts and, at the upper level of that career family, data scientists.

Big Data is not an emerging trend. It is already deeply entrenched in industries like aerospace, defense, automotive, finance, and many others. It has even trickled down to small businesses and into the products that consumers buy. Big data is everywhere, and data scientists are the only group of people who can handle it. That rarity is creating competition for applicants who understand numbers, math, and data.

What Makes Data Analysts So Sexy?

Data Analysts are the Clark Kents of the business world. Behind their quiet demeanors beats the heart of a superhero. That might seem a bit much, but the reality is that data analysts will be the mechanism that controls the driving force that is Big Data.

Data is the key to being able to compete better, improve customer satisfaction, and even manage human capital. Every aspect of the business world is related to data, and now that Big Data is bringing information in real time, whole industries need people who are truly qualified to handle data.

It is that massive outpouring of demand that makes data analysts the hottest commodity in the world. Without quality data scientists, companies lose market share, they fall behind in product development, and they eventually begin to lose quality employees. That is how powerful data is to the modern business.

The Demand for Data Scientists Spans All Businesses

That demand is not just about big corporations. It is about small businesses, too. Big Data allows small businesses to compete with companies of all sizes. The strength of small businesses has always been that it is more nimble. Big Data makes them even faster because more people are doing more with less and producing better results.

If the idea of being a superhero in the business world appeals to you, learn more about becoming a data analyst. Even for college students who are not interested in data, adding courses that help you understand data makes you more attractive to potential employers.

Currently, the demand for well-qualified data scientists is massive. There are not enough trained and educated people to take on the role. That demand is pushing salaries into the six-figure range. The consideration is not just for data analysts, but also for those who can interact with them in an intelligent and meaningful way.