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If you have a strong interest in two areas of study such as criminal justice and data science, then you might want to consider more than one major. Graduating with more than one major can broaden employment opportunities and increase flexibility on your future career path. If the disciplines complement each other, then you could leverage what you have learned to improve your marketability and success after graduation. You have two options to graduate with two majors: a double major or dual degree.

What is the Difference between a Double Major and Dual Degree?

A double major is two majors with the same degree. For example, our 2022 main campus valedictorian graduated with a double major in Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Bachelor of Science in Finance. The two majors (accounting and finance) are both the same degrees in a Bachelor of Science. The amount of time it takes to complete a double major varies, depending on the number of credits required. Post University students, for example, can complete a double major in as little as 120 credits.

A dual degree is two degrees with different majors. For example, a student who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies would have a dual degree. They are different degrees because one is a Bachelor of Science, and the other is a Bachelor of Arts. The time it takes to complete a dual degree can vary, depending on the school and the number of credits required. For example, Post University allows students to earn a dual degree in as little as 159 credits. At the end of this program, students earn two separate degrees.

Is a Double Major or Dual Degree Right for you?

If you are deciding between a dual degree vs double major, consider the type of degree or degrees you want to earn and the majors you are interested in. Talking to an advisor can help you learn more about your options in order to determine which one suits your educational and career interests best. Read more about how to decide if a double major is right for you.

If you are ready to begin looking into double majors or dual degrees, please contact Post University. Our school offers a wide range of bachelor degree options to consider, depending on your interests and the career path you plan to pursue. We can provide you with detailed information on our degree programs and help you get started with our admissions process.

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